Top 5 Audio Translation Tools and Softwares For Your Business In 2021

by Business Intelligence 14 September 2021

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In your business, there are a lot of companies that cater to customers across the globe. With that said, a need for multilingual content is essential. In order to connect with your customers, it’s important to be able to communicate with them in their native language. 

Thanks to the online world, many businesses have the opportunity to grow from a local or national organization into an international one. The scope of reaching new audiences is much greater than it has ever been. As more individuals create a digital profile, there’s now even more opportunity for expansion into new consumer markets, particularly in other territories. 

In this guide, you’ll find the top five audio translation tools and software that you can utilize for your business in 2021.

3 Advantages Of Using The Translation Tools And Software

Your business invests in digital tools and software to help improve your work efficiency while also saving time and money. Using translation tools and software for relevant tasks ensures accuracy and quality when transcribing. 

Check out the other three benefits to using these tools that are worth knowing if your business is considering such tools.

1. Helps Transcribe To Multiple Languages

1. Helps Transcribe To Multiple Languages

The Translation Services Market was valued in 2019 at 39.61 USD. There’s clearly a lot of profit in the transcribing world, and more businesses contribute to this market. After all, as a business, you want to ensure all your audience can understand the content you’re providing them. 

You may only have so many resources available to you for your business, and therefore only so much can be done in-house. However, with a translation tool for audio, you can do a lot more than human translators would be able to do.

2. Better Project Management

Depending on how you manage your translation projects, you may be outsourcing it to a number of freelancers. The freelancers are sharing the workload, submitting drafts for you to review and re-submit for further translation. 

With all that back and forth, things can get lost in the mix of it all. Without translation tools and software in place, the management of your business projects is likely to be in a state of disarray. 

3. Maintains Consistency

To ensure the translation of your business content is done successfully, perfection is key. Human error can often cause inconsistencies within the text that’s been converted, leading to confusion for your users. Instead, using audio tools are likely to be near perfect in their translation. 

Maintaining consistency is essential for the customer’s user experience and overall satisfaction and improves engagement with your content. 

We know that content can be significant for businesses nowadays. 70% of marketers prioritize content quality over quantity. Consistency in quality is essential to keeping your customers engaged

5 Audio Translations Tools And Software To Consider

5 Audio Translations Tools And Software To Consider

With lots of great audio translations tools and software out there, it can be challenging to know where to begin. We’ve put together five of the top translation services for audio based on their features and what it offers in value for money. 

Whenever you invest in a tool or software for your business, it’s important to compare products to see which one comes out on top for you.

1. Happyscribe

Happyscribe describes itself as one that’s made for transcribers. As an audio translator, Happyscribe provides you with an interactive, user-friendly editor that helps you to view and edit transcripts easily.

Having a variety of formats can be important so that your content is ready to go on whatever platform it’s intended for. Happyscribe offers multiple export formats so that you can prepare your business files for distribution with very little fuss.

The handy view-only or edit mode is a lot like Google Docs, where you’re in control of what permissions users will have when viewing the transcript. This is perfect for collaborating with all of your stakeholders and other team members working on the project itself.

As well as converting audio to text, it also offers a caption service where you can provide captioning to any of your video content.

Other features and pricing

  • Happyscribe promotes itself as being a service with no hidden fees
  • £0.20 per minute of transcription (automatic)
  • £1.45 per minute of transcription (human-made)
  • Provides between 85-99% accuracy
  • The turnaround is between ½ audio length to 24 hours, depending on the package.

2. Tomedes

Despite the basic appearance of its website, Tomedes is a trusted service used by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Spotify, to name but a few. The service transcribes, translates, and subtitles videos in over 100 languages.

Tomedes offers a full range of translation solutions to help your business break down its language barriers. Their audio translation can help tackle a large number of translation projects, whatever the size. 

They’ve helped your business with a simple voice-over translation to e-learning materials and audiobooks. It’s a great platform that can adapt to any sort of translation project that you may have in need of transcribing.

It’s an ideal solution for all audio translation requirements that have expertise in a wide range of industries.

Other Features And Pricing

  • Legal and business translations
  • Marketing and advertising translations
  • Medical translations
  • Localization translations and many more
  • Pricing is given via a personalized quote 

3. The Hive AI

Using AI technology, The Hive provides many services, including speech-to-text. Transcribe your audio and video content in real-time. The software allows you to flag specific keywords that include the use of your business brand name or phrases. 

AI technology is definitely being used across more industries now in order to help positively shape the customer’s experience. AI’s annual growth rate between 2020 and 2027 is 33.2%. The Hive is using this technology to its advantage.

The speech-to-text service can provide real-time captioning for video content, automatically transcribe conversations and speeches in meetings, as well as moderate inappropriate language. There’s also a custom package that can tailor your business to what you need precisely.

Other Features And Pricing

  • Easy integrations via a single API.
  • Fast and scalable, processing an hour of audio in three seconds.
  • Pricing is given via a personalized quote. 

4. Translated

With over 286,211 vetted professional translators, Translated has been providing intelligent translation services all the way back to 1999. Whilst offering audio translation services, they also provide a wealth of other professional services. 

Such services for your business include video captioning, multilingual chatbots, custom localization solutions as well as urgent translations. They translated guaranteed quality by having some of the world’s best translators on their books. They ensure delivery of transcripts whereby 95% are done on time at the client’s request. Any deadlines are missed, and they refund the client the translation up to the total cost.

They also offer payment after they’ve delivered, meaning you don’t need to spend any money until you have the documents. Trust is important as a new customer, with 81% of consumers saying they need to trust a brand in order to buy from them. Translated is turning that on its head by allowing the customer to have control.

Other Features And Pricing

  • Informative case studies involving the likes of Google and Expedia.
  • Instant quotes are available.
  • Pricing model available from Economic, Professional to Premium. 

5.  Stepes

Voice or audio recordings can be translated in real-time, thanks to Stepes. All you need is to press the talk button, and the software will begin to transcribe and translate what you’re saying. This is a sure-fire contender for your business translation needs with over one hundred languages to translate to. 

Stepes can translate a variety of formats from your business document, a website, video, software to eLearning. You can manage everything on one platform, which makes everything a lot easier for your business. The software can be set up in minutes, and there’s round-the-clock support for Stepes customers whenever it’s required. 

The software has been featured in the likes of HuffPost, Forbes, Inc, and more. They have hundreds of professional, native translators across many languages. From Asian, Latin, European, American, and African, Stepes can help you deliver the best in international customer experience. Tackling those linguistic barriers has never been easier!

Other Features And Pricing

  • Superfast turnaround
  • Specialization within many industries
  • Pricing is split into standard, marketing, and medical categories
  • Between $0.09-$0.24 per word, depending on which package you pick

How To Pick The Right Translation Tool Or Software?

When picking the right audio translation tool or software for your business, it’s worth considering the budget you have available. The plans mentioned above are all slightly different and cater to businesses of all sizes. 

Delivery of the content is essential, so reliability in the tool or software you use must be there and adaptable to your business as it grows. For example, a translation tool can be highly effective in getting more work done so that you can distribute those translations to whoever needs them.

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