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by Management Published on: 11 January 2019 Last Updated on: 29 June 2019

modern school software

With smart boards replacing traditional blackboards, e-books, powerpoint presentations for notes, technology is slowly creeping into the education system. Not just teaching, but technology helps ease the dreadful task of managing the schools. Attendance, time-table co-ordination, communication, billing, and payments can be a nightmare if there is no technology to support it. Availing a school management software or a school ERP Software enhances the efficiency in managing the school and makes the life of the management easier.

The number of ways making your school smart using school management software is:

1. Easy communication:

There needs to be constant communication between the schools and parents regarding the students’ performance, announcements, notices, and events happening in the school. Doing all that manually takes a lot of time, some students might be left out and the chances of error occurrence increase considerably. Software for the same helps handle all that smartly. It helps to send out announcements, newsletters, circulars, worksheets, photos, and videos via email, SMS and mobile notifications. This ensures that the message reaches all parents and students and no one is left out.

2. Fee payments:

Many times, parents miss out on paying the fees within the given deadline however cautious they are due to their hectic schedules and end up paying a penalty. Employing a software for the same will send the parents constant reminders and also the amount to be paid. It also enables online payment so that the parents don’t have to miss work, standing in long queues to pay the fees. Bills and invoices are sent by mail or message.

3. Classroom Notifications:

The most common complaints from parents are that their kids are not telling them about what happened in school and the activities that are undertaken. These smart software for school management also updates the parents on the daily assignments given, homework, project and their scores. This helps in keeping the parents in the loop and updated about daily activities and class work and overlook their child’s work and ensure that it is completed on time.

4. Students and Teacher attendance:

There is a lot of room for errors in the traditional method of taking attendance. At times it so happens that teachers might not hear the student’s call for attendance, sometimes the students might forget to answer thus rendering the old method inefficient. Digital attendance management software keeps up to date record of student’s attendance, teacher’s attendance, Parents, students and teachers check-in, staff and students leave application and leave notifications. It also notifies the student or the staff when the attendance percentage is dropping below the minimum requirements.

5. Associations and groups:

The software also makes it easier to form and manage different groups for different activities. A school has a number of associations such as music association, dance, art, sports, drama and so on. The school management software makes management of these groups easy by monitoring the number of members, who the coordinator for the group is and their practice schedules.

6. Privacy and security:

The software is highly secure and ensures your data is protected and prevents data theft which might be possible with manual data storage. Phone numbers, emails, personal details, and bank details are protected with highly secure mechanisms and access can be given to the admins and authorized people only.

School management software enhances the overall management of the school system and makes the lives of teachers, students, parents and the school administration easy. It increases the efficiency of the functioning of the school and enables the school to concentrate more on academics and student’s development rather than spending a lot of time in its manual management and administration. Thus, helping the school achieve academic excellence and make an unwavering name in the education industry.

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