How Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies Develop Successful FinTech Projects

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Unisoft Technologies

Pavel Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies’ founder, is a firm believer in new technologies. As a successful businessman and trader, Mr. Belogour believes that software engineers and designers are the keys to transforming the international financial landscape. For over a decade, his team has helped dozens of businesses establish an online presence, launch successful projects, and stay ahead of the competition.

Unisoft Technologies Workflow for Successful Development:

While every project is unique, the BUT team has created a flexible routine that ensures the development stays on schedule and on budget. The team goes through several critical stages, including:

  1. Project Discovery. This step allows the team to understand the business goals of the project, establish a system requirements specification, and come up with the accurate timeline and budget estimates.
  2. Design and development. Based on the information gathered during the discovery stage, the team divides the tasks and sets up a schedule with regular meetings and interim demos to keep the business owner in the loop. UI/UX designers and software developers work in parallel to ensure prompt results.
  3. Testing and launch. Quality assurance specialists conduct regular tests during the development process. They complete it with several rounds of manual and automated testing to catch any last-minute errors and bugs before the product hits the market. Unisoft Technologies team can also support the project launch via Google Play, App Store, or web hosting services.
  4. Ongoing updates and maintenance. Boston Unisoft team provides continuous support even after the project launch. Based on user feedback, software developers can suggest and implement updates, eliminate errors, and add synchronization or integration options. Their work ensures the project’s seamless operation in the long run.

This established workflow is efficient for business websites, trading platforms, and mobile apps. However, the team is always willing to meet the clients halfway and customize the development process to fulfill the client’s needs. It is just one of the many benefits BUT can offer.

IT VendorsBoston Unisoft Advantages Over Outsourcing IT Vendors:

Headed by Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies is not just another outsourcing IT vendor. Unlike most software development companies, BUT:

  • Focuses solely on financial products and services. This translates into years of experience in the niche and in-depth knowledge of the best practices, industry standards, and technology stack perfectly suited to FinTech.
  • Keeps track of financial regulations and legislation. As a result, the team implements regulation-compliant solutions to protect businesses from lawsuits, lengthy court proceedings, fines, and reputational repercussions.
  • Has a track record of successful FinTech projects. The company portfolio is full of trading apps, platforms, and business websites that speak louder than a thousand words. New projects are under development and will soon join the list of BUT successes.
  • Is US-based with headquarters in Boston. Working with Unisoft Technologies comes without the pitfalls of dealing with an offshore team. There is no language barrier, no cultural or time zone differences that can turn the development process into a nightmare.

Boston Unisoft Technologies is a reliable technical partner for financial incumbents and ambitious startup projects that wish to develop a mobile or web application, revolutionize the market, or innovate financial services.

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