How To Select The Best PPC Agency To Execute Your Digital Campaigns

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Are you struggling to find the right PPC agency for your business?

Do you know how you can generate maximum leads and sales for your business through digital?

Have you experimented with different PPC agencies and failed?

Having the right PPC agency might be the difference between digital success and failure. With the right skill sets, expertise, resource management, and intuition, PPC agencies can make a lot of difference to your sales and revenue generation. 

Imagine you are about to enter the holiday and gifting season. Will you not want to run some campaigns on Google AdWords or Social Media platforms to reach your target audience?

In this article, we help businesses with how they can choose the right PPC agency for their business. 

What is a PPC Agency?

A PPC or Pay Per Click Agency helps you run paid/sponsored campaigns on different digital platforms. There are some agencies, which specialize in Google AdWords. There are others, who look after social media advertising. 

In more cases than one, a PPC agency is an integrated part of a Digital Marketing Agency. However, it stands apart in terms of its employees, expertise, and resources. The best PPC agencies also use an interdependent approach by taking help from the Content team, the SEO team as well as the Social Media teams. 

This helps them get an overall picture of the digital ecosystem where the client wants to run their PPC campaigns. 

5 things to look for before Selecting a PPC Agency: The List

Is the PPC Agency certified with Google?

Google certifies most of the leading PPC agencies all over the world. This means that you need to have run campaigns worth significant amounts of money. If a PPC agency is not good enough, they will not be running campaigns worth thousands of dollars. It is always best to work with a Google Certified PPC Agency. 

Does the PPC Agency have experience?

If you are a brand, which wants to get the best results from your AdWords campaign, the experience is necessary. Even though the standard instructions are easy, it takes experience to-

  • Set the right targeting
  • Create the best Ad Copy
  • Have the right PPC Managers on the account
  • Get the best reporting
  • Run A.B testing before your campaign

All the above points can only be satisfied through some years of experience in executing campaigns. 

Check for Industry References and ask for Case Studies-

Some of the best PPC agencies like PPC agency London are reputed, credible and very well established. They have worked with some of the leading names in the business world. You can also request them for some case studies. This will help you get convinced about their expertise. You will also be satisfied when they are handling big-budget campaigns. 

Ask the Agency about different Ad Formats-

Google is innovating every single month. There are new formats, processes, and opportunities. A good PPC agency will keep itself updated with the latest happenings in the world. Ask them about issues like Google Display Network (GDN) or concepts like Remarketing. A good agency will think of the best ways to use your campaign funds and get you the best results. 

Meet the Agency and the Team on your Account-

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. If you still have your doubts, ask the PPC agency to come over, or better, visit them yourself. Meet the team and see how passionate or skilled they are. If possible, also meet the CEO of the firm and see for yourself what kind of a company is running. You will get answers to most of your questions during the personal meeting. 


A good PPC agency will not be just an agency for your business. They will be more like partners and collaborators who will help your business reach new heights. It is important to share the vision of your business with the agency you want to work for. 

This will not only help them understand your thought process but also frame the right kind of strategies to help you reach there. Digital is one of the strongest channels to grow and become profitable. If you have a PPC agency at your disposal, the growth process will seem easy and fast. 

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