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by Small Business 16 July 2019

Sale System

If you haven’t looked at the options available for an upgraded point of sale experience, it’s time to check out the options from the top manufacturers in the trade. Number one on that list for more than a decade now has been Clover, and while there are definitely other strong competitors, it’s easy to see why the reviews overwhelmingly place this system at the top of the running. It’s incredibly versatile, with the original design implementing an app store and modular add-on system that kept its initial price point low while maintaining its usefulness through minor upgrades as you need them.

See the 2.0 Version in Action

If you’re looking for an upgraded design that rethinks the versatile Clover interface and updates it for faster processing and better ease of use, you’ve got to look into the Clover 2.0 system and its wide range of improvements over the original model.

  • Integrated EMV reader
  • Time sheet management out of the box
  • Inventory tracking
  • Marketing insights out of the box
  • Bigger displays

There are still plenty of ways to customize the system, but its features are more suited to more businesses than ever, even before you add extras to make this Clover station perfectly suited to your business.

Save Space With the Booker POS

If you want a clover system that has a smaller countertop footprint but all the smart features and versatility you love in the full-size station, consider what a Booker model could do for your storefront. It’s an ideal way to manage multiple POS stations by using the mobile app or desktop version, and you can access the data you expect from Clover’s management apps and tools without worrying about the ease of use on a small screen. Use the Booker system on the floor, manage it from your computer, and make your business more efficient all in one.

Flex To Meet Your Customers Where They Are

The one thing the traditional Clover setup didn’t anticipate was the rise of mobile payment processing and pop-up business events. Even if you’ve got a regular storefront, being able to travel and operate as a vendor opens opportunities for income while marketing your business. To provide all the options you expect from the road, you need a device that integrates with your other Clover systems, and that is the new Clover Flex. With features designed to be familiar to Clover users, this integrated POS and card reader fits in your hand and goes where you do.

The Flex has an always-connected ability because it harnesses both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and it’s even got an integrated printer for receipts. You can use it in store for support during busy times or at booths when you do event sales, pop-ups, and other community outreach events that give you an opportunity to sell while you meet new people.

Build Your Business Infrastructure

Whether you’re looking for a single unit or outfitting multiple locations with a consistent point of sale experience, you can find a powerful Clover unit that brings you insights and management tools alongside a fast, flexible payment processing system with integrated cash drawer management. Don’t wait to find your best fit system when you could be increasing your sales with marketing insights.

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