5 Types of College Degrees That Lead to Meaningful Job Satisfaction

by Job & Career Published on: 24 November 2016 Last Updated on: 03 March 2022

Types of College Degrees

If you’re currently thinking about your future career or considering a change in your profession, it’s important to choose something that can give you more than just a paycheck. Working in a field that gives you a sense of purpose is one of the best ways you can truly feel satisfied in your job. Considering you’ll be spending more time working in your chosen profession than in almost any other activity in your life, it should be something that feels meaningful. Here are five different types of professions that many people find meaningful job satisfaction in.

1. Education:

One profession that offers purpose to someone is an educator. Teachers find meaning in their work because they are the ones who help mold the next generation of young minds. While it’s true that teachers may not make as much money as other similarly qualified professionals, they still get other benefits that are not measured in dollar amounts. Educators enjoy their work because they can see how much their influence affects children each day. Teaching is becoming a popular job choice for some career changers who are looking for something beyond a typical day at the office.

2. Nursing:

Another job that offers more than just a salary is nursing. Many nurses choose this profession because of a strong desire to help others. Nurses work long hours and have a heavy load of responsibilities, but they also enjoy higher salaries than other types of skilled workers. Additionally, nurses can get a large amount of satisfaction when they help patients recover or feel more comfortable. Becoming a nurse is as simple as choosing a top-quality degree program, such as one from MVU Online.

 Today demand for nurses is growing faster than in most professions. Whether you are an experienced nurse looking for new career options or a fresh graduate seeking a nursing job opportunity to jump-start your career, make sure you do plenty of research of the job market to choose the most appropriate one for you based on your level of degree and qualifications. Check PRN nursing career options to discover different opportunities and consider the working conditions of each.

3. Business Administration:

Getting a degree in business is another way you can hope to find more meaning in your future career. Business owners often pursue a field that is their passion and experience more satisfaction and a higher sense of accomplishment when they reach success. UAB offers a variety of online business degree programs to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn the basics of this line of work.

4. Theology:

Next, pursuing study in theology is another way you can help increase your chances of finding future career satisfaction. Those who graduate with a degree in theology or religious studies tend to go into career fields that focus on helping others. Professionals in this field are often working as pastors, youth counselors, or other community helpers.

5. Medicine:

The last type of college major that could lead to a high level of career satisfaction is medicine. In undergraduate studies, this may be a major in some sort of science field that leads to postgraduate study at medical school. Those who pursue this course of education and end up employed as physicians or other medical providers enjoy a large amount of purpose in their work. Doctors also are rewarded with some of the highest salaries in the professional stage.

If you’re trying to plan out your future professional life, consider going into a field that could bring your life more meaning. Choosing a meaningful profession may help you stay motivated and satisfied as you wake up each day and go off to work.

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