3 Reasons Why All Healthcare Businesses Should Use HIPAA-Compliant Appointment Reminders

by Services Published on: 13 October 2021 Last Updated on: 09 October 2021

HIPAA-compliant Appointment Reminders

If you work in the healthcare industry, there is a very important aspect that you must keep in mind – patient confidentiality. If you break this trust, you are breaking the law and the ethics of your healthcare industry. To make sure that you do not breach this code of ethics and cause your patient to go elsewhere for treatment, you need to make sure that you keep up to date with the latest HIPAA rule and compliance. HIPAA is a law that regulates the privacy and the sharing of patient information.

Employers are allowed to ask for medical records, but other doctors are not allowed to see a patient’s medical records unless it was made clear to the patient. Let’s see a few reasons why all healthcare professionals should use HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders and how this is legal in the healthcare world.

The importance of HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders

The importance of HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders

Since mass texts are used for marketing tactics and to remind clients of upcoming appointments – whether it be at your local hair salon, personal training appointment, or a physical therapy appointment – they should be used in the healthcare care industry too. Right? Well, first you need to check that the mass texts or text message reminders to your clients are HIPAA compliant. Although texting can be HIPAA compliant, you must make sure to use the proper policies to ensure that your patient’s privacy is always protected and at the front of your concerns.

Fast and easy

But what are the benefits of using HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders? Can’t you send reminders via email or call the person about their upcoming appointment? Well, compared to email, voicemail, or other patient outreach methods, using HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders is one of the best facilities that you can remind patients of an appointment without being annoying. Since sending appointment reminders via text message is easy, fast, and quick, you can make sure the patient has all of the necessary information in just a few minutes!

Everyone uses their phones

Have you ever gone to the store without your cell phone and you feel like you’re leaving something at home? This is because everyone is always on their phones! By using HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders, you can make sure that your client will see the reminder on their phone when compared to emails, phone calls, or letters.

Cost-effective and resourceful

The last reason to use HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders is that they are cost-effective and resourceful. Instead of having your employees sit at the phone and call the clients to make sure they are aware of their upcoming appointment, sending a text is much easier and quicker – saving your manpower and money.

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As you can see, using HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders doesn’t break any ethical or moral code, and is the best way to reach out to your patient about their upcoming schedule! Using text messaging reminders ensure your patient will see the reminder and they will have a higher likelihood of showing up and being on time!

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