5 Essential Packaging Supplies for Protecting Items During Transport

by Services 08 February 2020

Packaging Supplies

When it comes to protecting items during transport, it’s essential to choose the right packaging supplies. It needs to provide the required level of protection and ensure your items arrive at their destination intact. However, with so many different packaging supplies available to choose from. It can be hard to know what the best options are. This article will detail five essential packaging supplies that can be used to protect items from damage while they’re being transported.

Here are 5 Essential Packaging Supplies for Protecting Items During Transport:

1. Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap

When most people think of packaging supplies, the first thing they think of is often bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides a protective layer that consists of air-filled bubbles.

It helps to protect items from impact-related damage. This packaging material is available in numerous types to suit different items, with standard, anti-static, foam backed and heavy-duty bubble wrap available to choose from.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

The humble cardboard box is crucial when it comes to packaging. In addition to being an affordable material, cardboard can provide a great amount of protection when the right size and shape of the box is selected.

The versatility of cardboard boxes means there’s an option to suit just about any item, no matter how bulky or irregularly shaped. Often, bubble wrap is also used inside cardboard boxes to provide extra protection for items.

3. Corner Protectors

One of the most vulnerable areas of any item is the corners. It is very important to protect these in order to minimize damage to your items. Corner protectors can be used for furniture, boxes, pallets, and anything else with sharp corners. Corner protectors are often water-resistant and weatherproof to ensure excellent protection at all times.

4. Protection Film

Protection Film

If you’re transporting an item with a surface that can be easily scratched or damaged, the protection film is incredibly important. Items that require protection film can include appliances, televisions, glass, and any other items with a finish that needs protecting from scratches. The film is easy to apply and remove, plus it’s also affordable. This makes it one of the best packaging supplies to consider for certain items that are extra fragile.

Even if these films are very soft, if they are wrapped around the items it acts as a cushion. It also protects the product from the dirt.

5. Furniture Blankets

Furniture Blankets

When transporting furniture from one location to another, whether due to moving house or delivering brand new furniture to a customer, it’s essential to provide adequate protection to ensure the furniture isn’t damaged by impact or weather.

One great way to protect against both of these is by using furniture blankets. Furniture blankets provide a soft cushioning that can be wrapped around the furniture. It prevents damage such as scratches, dents, fading caused by sunlight, and even watermarks caused by rain.


Ultimately, the packaging supplies that will be right for you will depend on the specific items that need to be transported. However, all five of the packaging supplies above are useful to have on hand, allowing you to ensure proper protection of your items no matter their shape or size.

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