A Case Study of a Healthcare Software Development Solution developed by Emerline

by Health Care Services Published on: 01 July 2021 Last Updated on: 02 July 2021

Healthcare Software Development

You have heard of how healthcare software development companies improve the healthcare system. But how do they actually do it? Let’s take a look at one remarkable software company, Emerline to see how they carried out their process.

Customer Request

A Healthcare company that can create software that helps patients that need the doctor to visit to administer RT-PCR and diagnostics.

Pain Point

The client badly needed web and mobile solutions that would allow in-app appointment scheduling for patients, as well as offer an easy-to-use EMR system with a customs document editor for practitioners.

Expected Solution and Development

Expected Solution and Development

«  Mobile Application

«  Web Application

«  Healthcare Application

«  Electronic Medical Record

Software Development Provider’s Challenge

Software Development Provider's Challenge

Stakeholders within the medical industry contacted Emerline with a challenge to design an application with technical features similar to Uber. The objective was to allow patients to create a medical appointment and receive medical care within the hour they created the request.

Secondarily, the stakeholders also needed the application to notify healthcare providers about the points and locations where medical care is needed. The application was also to have a document editor, a feature that allows for online payment and integration for e-prescription.

Summarily, Emerline needed to deliver the following individual elements:

«  A web application

«  A mobile application compatible with Android and iOS devices

«  A Custom EMR system

«  A document editor

The Consultation Process

The Consultation Process

Consultation involves assessing the client’s requirements and determining the scope of work in comparison with the client’s budget, and determining how long the project will take.

Other specific assessments that require approval involves:

«  UI requirements

«  Analyzing regulatory requirements and policies within the selected regions.

«  Developing interactive prototypes

«  Setting the duration for the project

After the consultations are made, generally, an agreement is reached and cemented. Then, and only then can a software developer proceed with the development.


Emerline developed an application that was friendly for patients and doctors alike. All the required features expected by the stakeholders were included, and the application worked without a hitch on all required platforms.

Using the Application

To use, you need to download the app from Play Store. After downloading the application from Play Store, doctors and patients can complete a quick and easy registration process. The registration of doctors would require the submission of certain essential documents and credentials. Appointed administrators and regulators would be responsible for the verification process. Doctors that pass the verification process will be included in the system, while those that don’t may be required to submit some additional credentials.

Patients, on the other hand, can proceed to schedule appointments, make payments, receive notifications, and access their medical documents whenever they need to. The patient is required to submit their full name and their location during the appointment creation process. Doctors can also see the schedules as created by the admin, and appointments would be randomly created by the system. Doctors will also receive appointment notifications via the notification feature on the app.

Appointments that show on a doctor’s timeline need to be accepted within 10 minutes. If it is not accepted within that timeframe, an admin will redirect the appointment to another equally competent professional.

A doctor must indicate his arrival time and inform the patient about 5 to 15 minutes before arrival. The doctor is also required to send another notification when he arrives at the location.

The doctor must include all the services rendered and fill in the documents essential to the diagnosis. When he is done, he can press the complete button on the application, and if another emergency arises, he can proceed to the next location.

The doctor must, however, remember to fill in the patient’s report in the EMR system.

Why You May Want Your App Developed by Emerline

Experience: The Emerline team has everything it takes to move your idea from scratch to finish- even if you’re not entirely clear about what you need at the start. Their wealth of experience allows the team to determine your needs and demands during the consultation process.

Fast delivery: Once the team understands your demands, you can be sure that the project will be delivered on time.

Confidence in Agreement: As long as you’ve determined your budget, project size, and the timeframe allocated for a project, you can go to bed knowing Emerline will deliver as at when due without compromising on the contract.

Reliable Support: With Emerline, you are never in the dark. Emerline consultants will answer all your questions regarding the project and make sure you’re as involved in understanding the functions as every stakeholder should.


With a software development company like Emerline, you can be sure that your idea will be fully implemented and ready to run without a hitch in the world.

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