Top 10 High Paying Jobs With No Experience

by Job & Career 30 August 2023

high paying Jobs With No Experience

Most fresher employees start ascending the employment ladder by beginning with an entry-level position. Many organizations do need people for higher and managerial functions that require people with experience.

But, most of the staff they need are for execution level of work. So, if you are looking for high-paying jobs without experience, you are not out of luck. Multiple industries employ people with zero experience in entry-level blue-collar and white-collar jobs.

Go through this article to find out about jobs that require no experience or qualifications. While some of the jobs we mention here would require a certain academic background, they do not require expertise. So, keep reading without any further delay.

1. Entry Level Lab Technician

Entry Level Lab Technician

The first one on the list of high-paying jobs with no experience is the role of an entry-level lab technician. These individuals assist scientists with their experiments and research. Their tasks also involve:

  • Setting up the lab for running experiments.
  • Labeling specimens.
  • Making different deliveries.
  • Recording lab test results.

These individuals initially work to build their lab experience and then also become an active part of the laboratory.

  • An entry-level lab assistant usually earns a median salary of $46358

2. Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant is another opportunity if you are looking for jobs that pay $60k without experience. These individuals help higher-level HR employees with their tasks. A junior HR assistant usually helps with emailing, setting up appointments, answering phone calls, and receiving visitors. They can also be involved in work with performance reviews, running payroll, and doing similar work.

  • The average salary for an entry-level HR job is around $46580 per year.

3. Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Research assistants support working individuals who help a researcher with their work. These individuals have to read the previous research and scientific literature and also prepare literature reviews.

Some of the responsibilities of a research assistant might include helping with experiments, taking lab notes, and running data analysis. Sometimes, as an assistant, they are also responsible for cleaning the lab. It is one of the entry-level jobs for novices who want to pursue a researcher’s role in the future. If you are looking for high-paying jobs with no experience in the science field, then this is one opportunity you may not want to miss.

  • The average salary you can expect in this role is around – $46713 per year.

4. Firefighter


Just as the name suggests, firefighters are the people who respond to events related to a fire outbreak and community emergencies. Firefighters are also present during traffic accidents or medical incidents.

Some of their work includes driving firetrucks and handling firefighting equipment to put up the fire. They also need to adhere to specific protocols. Firefighting also offers entry-level jobs that require zero prior experience. You can build on-the-job experience by starting to work.

  • Here is the average annual salary one can as a fresher firefighter – $47317.

5. Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Another option for high-paying jobs with no experience is medical assistants. These individuals have to perform many administrative tasks for their employers. Some of these responsibilities include setting up appointments, restocking office supplies, taking phone calls, and scheduling appointments in clinics, hospitals, and common healthcare settings.

These individuals may also meet the patients before the doctor and collect their medical history and take notes of their symptoms. They may also have to carry out clean-up duties and sterilize patients’ cabins.

  • As a medical assistant, one can earn a salary of $46972 per year.

6. Junior Graphic Designer

Junior Graphic Designer

If you are looking for jobs that pay $60k with no experience or high-paying jobs with no experience, then the role of a graphic designer is best for you. This particular job role requires you to work with senior designers, brainstorm different creative design works, and implement them at work. They may have to usually list down different project requirements, create rough drafts, schedule for their senior designer, and email.

  • A junior graphic designer usually earns an annual salary of $47800 per year.

7. IT Technician

IT Technician

Offices and organizations with a specific number of computers usually need IT technicians. If you are looking for high-paying jobs without any experience, then just the skill of IT will get you a good job in the IT sector. As an IT professional, you will be responsible for taking care of computer hardware, software, and more.

The Computer hardware includes keyboards, mouses, storage, monitors, hard drives, and similar electronic equipment. On the software level of IT, they also help with word processing units, emails, and troubleshooting browser or software issues.

  • They earn an annual salary of $47,641 per year.

8. Junior Financial Analyst

Junior Financial Analyst

Most of the junior financial analysts work under the senior financial analysts. They have to guide their clients through financial decisions. These junior-level financial analysts need to have a detailed knowledge of financial laws and data. Their work can help clients with the best financial advice.

  • The general yearly salary of a junior-level financial analyst is under $58591.

9. Proofreader


A proofreader works to improve a written document’s stylistic and grammatical aspects. They usually go through a document after the writer or editor has completed their work. The Proofreaders confirm the grammatical and stylistic approach of the book before it goes out for publishing. They help book publishers, newspapers, and web page owners with proofreading before publishing.

This is also another job opportunity that does not require prior experience.

  • It offers an average salary of $58715 per year.

10. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Are you looking for high-paying jobs without a degree or experience for women? If so, then the role of a freelance writer is a good one to pursue. You do not need any prior experience, but you will work as a writer and work with various publishing houses. But this type of work requires you to follow certain deadlines, use different tools, and do detailed research.

  • The average salary of a freelance writer is $60351

Final Words

If you are looking for a high-paying job with no experience, then you can look for one of the mentioned opportunities. Most of these jobs offer an average salary of around $45000 per year. Although you will need the skills, there is no necessary mention of how many years of experience you need. I hope that this article was helpful. In case you need any additional help, please let us know through the comment section.

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