What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services? [Updated Information]

by Job & Career 08 May 2023

best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

Job seekers always look for a growing marketplace with ample opportunities for growth in their jobs. Consumer services are the new growing market segment with lots of opportunities for job seekers in different roles.

You will find the best paying jobs in consumer services fulfilling all of your requirements in a job. A generous salary, great professional position, and immense opportunities for future growth is as good as confirmed in the consumer services sector.

Whether you are a fresher or looking for a career change option, the consumer services sector is good for you. There are more than 15 different job roles you can apply for. This article contains all the information regarding the job roles and the responsibilities you have to fulfill in each of them. I have also listed the salary for each of the respective positions in this article. So, without any delay, let us start.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

Here is a list of the top ten jobs you can opt for in the consumer services sector –

1. Call Center Representative

Call Center Representative

So, here, we start with the entry-level job in the consumer service sector. Call center representative is the most common job role in the consumer service sector. It is one of the best paying jobs in consumer services. As a call center representative, you will be responsible for handling lots of Inbound and outbound calls.

You have to fulfill different criteria, such as going through and following the call scripts, understanding customers’ needs, looking for different issues, and providing solutions accordingly.

  • You can expect a national annual salary of $35,623 per annum.

2. Bank Tellers

Bank Tellers

The role of bank tellers is another best paying job opportunity in the consumer service sector. You will be working with lots of credit unions or banks as a Bank teller. Your job responsibilities will include greeting the customers and helping them with their deposits, withdrawals, and their money transfers from one account to another. Managing ATMs, counting cash, and filling out file deposit slips is also the responsibility of the Bank tellers.

  • You can expect a salary of $36000 per annum as a bank teller.

3. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

The flight attendant is one of the best paying jobs in consumer services. As a flight attendant, you will work with different national and international commercial airlines. Your responsibilities will include greeting the passengers, helping them find their seats, assisting them with moving their luggage, and demonstrating the safety equipment and the protocols to them.

  • Flight attendants are expected to earn a salary of a whopping $39000 per annum.

4. Medical Receptionists

Medical Receptionists

There are lots of job opportunities for those who work as a receptionist. One of the best paying jobs in consumer services is the job of a Medical receptionist. You can work in hospitals, private practices, and clinics. Your main responsibilities will include scheduling appointments, sending reminders to the patients, greeting them and checking in with them patients, and fulfilling other similar critical duties.

  • Medical receptionists can expect an annual salary of $38000.

5. Patient Coordinator

Patient Coordinator

Another best paying job in consumer services is the patient coordinator. As a patient coordinator, you will be filling the gap between the doctor and the patient. You will be discussing the treatment plans and offering the patients with educational information regarding medication, treatment, and other procedures. There are lots of hospitals and long-term care facilities that employ patient coordinators.

  • As a patient coordinator, you can expect a salary of $41200 per annum.

6. Client Relations Specialist

Client Relations Specialist

If you are looking for a job role that has lots of applications across different industries, then you can opt for the role of client relations specialist. As a client relation, your responsibility will be ensuring the long-term happiness of the clients and nurturing your organization’s relationship with them.

You may have to answer phone calls, take emails, attend to clients in person, do filed surveys, and do similar roles. You will help the company gather feedback from the clients to improve their overall performance.

  • As a client relation specialist, you will earn a salary of $456000 per annum.

7. Concierge


Is consumer services a good career path? You should ask this question to the professionals working as concierge. As a concierge, you will be working at the front desk and welcoming guests, ensuring their reservations, and showing them the facilities. You will ensure that the guests have the best experience and comfort during their stay. Concierges also answer lots of questions and provide entertainment-related suggestions, and arrange different activities for the guests.

Also, as a concierge, you will earn a handsome salary of $43500 per year.

8. Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator

As an account coordinator works for different marketing agencies. Their work includes offering support to the senior client services staff like account managers and account executives. They usually work on preparing and filing contacts and similar other documents. They also update the internal database, coordinate meetings, and compile account reports for account performance.

  • Professionals in this job role can expect an annual salary of $45600.

9. Receptionists


Receptionists have jobs in different organizations. Their sole responsibility is to stay at the front desk, greet people and customers, and answer their queries. Documenting complaints and directing the customers to the right employees in the organization are also their responsibilities. Receptionists may also have to do work such as answering calls, setting up interviews, and more.

  • Employees can expect an annual salary of $47200 as a receptionist.

10. Client Service Manager

Client Service Manager

When talking about the best paying jobs in Consumer Services, the best option to many is the role of client services managers. In this job role, your responsibility would be to work as a liaison between the company’s clients and the customer service team. You will be overseeing areas that fulfill clients’ satisfaction. In this job role, you may also end up leading a team of client services representatives.

  • You can expect a great salary of $58200 per annum in this job role.

Bottom Line

If you want to get a job in a growing market, then Consumer Services is a great option to consider. Also, I have listed the best paying jobs in Consumer Services sector in this article. Once you go through the article, you will have a complete idea about which role suits you. I have also listed the salaries of the respective job roles.

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if this article was helpful, please let me know through the comment section. Also, file any queries you might have regarding the topic. Our team will get back to you soon.

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