Earning A Degree Can Be Expensive But Which Example Shows Why It Might Be Worth It?

by Job & Career 30 August 2023

Earning A Degree Can Be Expensive But Which Example Shows Why It Might Be Worth It

Question: Earning a degree can be expensive, but which example shows why it might be worth it?

A) Federal student loans are offered at low interest rates, which makes them more affordable.

B) Expensive degrees guarantee a low-paying job afterward.

C) Individuals with bachelor’s degrees usually earn a higher annual salary compared to people who do not have one.

D) A high school diploma allows you to earn money instead of going into debt.

Aside from just getting a job, a degree often ensures societal acceptance of one’s education. But that is just a narrow way to look at why one needs to have an education. More importantly, having a bachelor’s degree often ensures someone’s possibility of getting a well-paying job.

The answer to the question raised here is option C – Individuals with bachelor’s degrees usually earn a higher annual salary compared to people who do not have one.

Earning A Degree Can Be Expensive, But Which Example Shows Why It Might Be Worth It?

arning A Degree Can Be Expensive, But Which Example Shows Why It Might Be Worth It

Option C pretty much explains why you need a degree. Having higher education not only opens the path to high-paying jobs; it also elevates one’s sense of reasoning and logical thinking and promotes the sense of being a better citizen and an active part of a community.

With a higher level of education (bachelor’s degree or master’s degree), one is able to get a high-paying job in their respective fields. Yes, a high academic certificate does come with an expensive price tag, but it is definitely worth it. But what is a college degree? What are the benefits of having them? Keep reading to find out –

What Is A Degree?

What Is A Degree

A degree is a college or university degree or recognition of one’s completion of a specific course. Students usually get bachelor’s or master’s degrees from their respective colleges and universities. The certification from the degree courses allows students to get a loan using the degree they submit to a financial institution.

On top of that, having a college degree increases someone’s chances of getting a high-paying job opportunity. Also, people with higher degrees, like master’s degrees and doctorates, are more attractive job candidates.

So, even if it seems expensive, a degree is always worth it. Go through the sections below to learn the benefits of having a degree.

Benefits of Having A Degree

Benefits of Having A Degree

Here are the different benefits of having a degree–

Make Money

You will probably not need more than a high school degree for a blue-collar job. However, according to statistics, people with higher education have higher levels of income. A high school degree can provide someone with an average income of $973,000 throughout their lifetime.

The average lifetime income increases as the degree is higher. For a high school diploma, a professional can expect to earn $1.3 million; with a bachelor’s degree, that earning increases up to $2.3 million. A master’s degree can help earn $2.3 in their lifetime. A doctoral degree can potentially help someone earn around $3.3 million in a lifetime.

Additional Benefits

Indeed, a high income is a top-level perk of having a college or high school degree. But, with a higher educational qualification, there will come more benefits for you and your family. These benefits usually include healthcare, employee benefits, retirement investment plans, travel, and other benefits. Most of these benefits are often exclusive to employment that requires a high academic qualification.

Most of the benefits are really helpful to have. Also, when you have a college degree and a job backed up by it, the salary and the different perks ensure that the next generation is also going to college.

Better Career Opportunity

Having a good academic qualification from a reputed institution ensures stable and satisfying career opportunities. It is the most common pathway for someone to earn not only a better-paying job but also a job that is more satisfying to do. So there is a combination of earning opportunities, earning amount, and satisfaction with work. These are enough to convince someone to pay for education and invest their time in earning their degree.

There is more depth to it than many realize – aside from your degree, the subject you have a degree in is also detrimental to your career, your salary, and more. Also, the school and college settings are responsible for creating one’s personality, their skills to understand critical situations and come up with analytical thinking.

Job Security

Employees with a higher degree are more valuable to employers and often have a higher position on the job. An employer would always need the most qualified employees with a degree, skills, and experience. When you start working for your degree, you gain some skills, and after employment, those skills increase while you also gain experience.

According to data, during economic recessions, employees with a high school degree are laid off more than an employee with a college degree. So, this easily shows why having a college degree is necessary.

Invest In Your Future

Attending School, college, and universities is the roadmap to having better exposure to academic life. But, many often see it as a downpayment on success. Indeed, the time and money necessary for that is immense.

But, it is definitely an investment for the future that you will not regret. Getting a college degree or school degree in the first place will open different paths and opportunities before you. You will realize which career path is best for you and why. That is why having a degree is extremely beneficial.

Bottom Line

Aside from all the different reasons stated here, having a college degree helps with personal development. It also offers someone with better opportunities for networking with like-minded people and building connections that matter. But, a secure and satisfying job is the best promise a good academic certification can make.

Hopefully, this article answers your question. Please comment below and let us know about your views on the same.

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