Gifting That Goes the Distance: 8 Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

by Business Published on: 13 January 2022 Last Updated on: 20 August 2022

Gift Ideas

Gift-giving is the perfect way to show your employees that you care and recognize their efforts to further the company. If you have a remote team that has been working hard all year, they deserve a token of your appreciation.

However, giving gifts remotely can be trickier than simply passing out gifts and favors in person at the office. If you’re stumped on how to make your holiday cheer stretch across geographic distances, here are eight remote gift ideas that are sure to reach through the screen.

1. Gift certificates

Gift Ideas

Some of the best Christmas gifts for employees are gift certificates and gift cards. These are easy to send to employees through email or snail mail, and you can buy a gift card or certificate for virtually any situation. Whether it be for clothes, an e-commerce retailer, or even buying your employees’ holiday feasts, there’s a gift certificate out there for your team members.

2. Subscriptions

Remote employees also appreciate subscriptions to everything from magazines to food to socks. For example, you can offer your remote employees a price range and a subscriptions service so they can receive items throughout the year. Each time the box arrives, they will think about you and how much you appreciate them.

3. Food delivery

Food delivery

Everyone loves free food, primarily when it comes right to their door. Surprise your remote employees with food delivery from their favorite restaurants. You can also sign a worker up to receive weekly or monthly food boxes so they can prepare their favorite meals.

4. Care packages

Remote workers need to know you care about them, so send them care packages. Fill these boxes with the stuff that they’ll enjoy, like snacks, bath care items, massagers, coffee, houseplants, and more. Visit swag bar to see more swag ideas and gifts.

Your care packages can include fun office supplies like a desktop diffuser, fun sticky notes, USB vacuums, and portable Bluetooth speakers. Help your remote employees liven up their work area while also making the gift as personalized or as general as needed. Along with care packages, you can send them Beef Jerky Bouquets.

5. Online classes

Experts from various industries offer lessons in their specialties. Your remote employees would enjoy having time to themselves taking an online class in something that interests them. Consider giving a gift card to take a class on a subject of the recipient’s choice. Make sure the opportunity has nothing to do with work, so it is purely entertaining and enjoyable.

6. Home tech devices

Another fun gift idea for remote employees involves home tech devices. These devices make workplaces more productive, and your employees can use the devices outside of work. Choose things like noise blocker headphones, cord organizers and buddies, mug warmers, and laptop stands. Remote workers also appreciate having cameras, ring lights, and desktop whiteboards.

7. Houseplants


Remote workspaces feel healthy and cozy when green houseplants surround them. Send your remote workers houseplants that are easy to care for and already established in beautiful pots. Consider houseplants like pothos, peace lilies, spider plants, and snake plants that thrive in low light.

8. Wine & beer tasting flights

Remote workers might also enjoy having wine and beer tasting flights sent to their homes. Before sending wine and beer to your remote workers, be sure they don’t have any religious or personal restrictions against alcohol consumption. Consider sending local beer and wine or beverages from a company connected to yours for a more personalized experience.

Wrap up


Sending gifts to remote workers shows that you appreciate them. When you send gifts, consider gifts that involve choices and give your remote employees something to do in their free time.

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