Top 3 Reasons Why Flying Privately Helps Your Business Grow

by Business 25 April 2023

Flying Privately

If you fly regularly for business, you’ll know that even travelling first class or business class can be a frustrating experience.

Flying commercial means adhering to airline timetables. This can force you to arrive hours or even days early for business events—and then wait days or hours for a return flight afterwards. Both situations can mean a costly, inconvenient, and otherwise unnecessary hotel stay. Departing from airports miles from home—and landing at airports hours from your destination—can mean long, complicated transfers.

Hours can be wasted by having to check in a long time before your flight and stand in long queues for check-in or luggage retrieval. Try as you might to make up for a lost time, working in the airport and on-board can be difficult with limited space, facilities, peace, and privacy.

That’s why flying commercially isn’t good for your stress levels or time management—and it’s certainly not good for business. It’s not surprising, then, that so many business people now choose private jet rental.

Three Ways That Flying Privately Can Grow Your Business

Here are our three reasons why private jet rental makes good business sense.

Private Flights Provide Convenience and Flexibility

Forget inconvenient flight dates and times. When you charter a private jet, you travel when it’s convenient for you. No more unwanted hotel stays! 

Fly in for an event with just an hour to spare if you want. Lift-off within minutes of your meeting finishing if there’s an airport or heliport close by—and with private flights, that’s far more likely. As a private flyer, you have access to ten times the number of airports that commercial airlines serve. This often means you can lift-off closer to home and land closer to your destination, resulting in shorter, simpler transfers.

Of course, if you want to stay overnight before or after a meeting, you can. But with great facilities available on private jets—including shower rooms and bedrooms if required—you may not want or need to! You can arrive relaxed, refreshed, and on your game.

Private Jet Charter Means Business as Usual

Forget long queues and waits, too. When you fly privately, your luggage is taken care of for you, and there are no queues. Arrive shortly before your flight if you wish, and if not, wait in a private lounge.

Facilities for private flyers vary, but a private lounge with Wi-Fi, where you can relax or work in peace, is the minimum. Some Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) offer gyms, workrooms, bars, full catering, meeting rooms, showers, accommodation and more. Discuss what you need with your private jet broker, and they will select the right airport and FBO for you.

As for your time on board, this can be tailored to your needs too. Travelling alone and want to relax? Travelling with several colleagues or clients and want to hold meetings in the air? The right jet is out there. Everything from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to a full meeting room and VIP suite, with a bedroom and bathroom, can be arranged.

This means your work doesn’t need to stop at any point throughout your trip. You can hold meetings, take remote conference calls and prepare for events with colleagues in-flight, while barely missing a beat.

Enjoy Peace and Privacy When You Charter a Private Jet

You need privacy to hold meetings, have confidential conversations or work on sensitive materials. And you need peace to work on your project or concentrate on your business conversation. When you charter a private jet, you have both of these things in abundance. Your only fellow passengers are those you choose to travel with. 

Fly in Your Office in the Sky

So why not make the change today? Save yourself the wasted time, stress and inconvenience of commercial flights. Fly to your schedule and your chosen airport—and make the most of your travel time with top-class business facilities. Use a private jet rental for your next trip!


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