Show Your Employees They’re Appreciated With These 6 Gifts and Gestures

by Business Published on: 09 November 2021 Last Updated on: 02 February 2022

Gifts and Gestures

Everyone likes to feel that they are appreciated, and with the holidays coming up quickly, now is the perfect time to show your team that you appreciate them. When your employees feel like they’re valued members of your company, they will continue to work hard and put their best foot forward. Here are a few gifts and gestures to show how much you value your team.

#1: Care Packages

#1: Care Packages

An employee care package is both a gift and a grand gesture to show how much your employees mean to you and your business— especially if you personalize each package. This is also a good idea for any remote workers you may have, as they may often be neglected. In addition to working remotely due to the global pandemic, it’s important to make sure that your employees are healthy, whether they’re working in-person or remotely. Care packages can include wellness supplements, water bottles, and healthy snacks in addition to the other things you may add for each employee personally.

#2: Gift Cards and Bonuses

Sometimes the simplest gift is the best gift. You may not know exactly what each of your employees would want as a gift, and getting a universal gift card solves that problem. It may seem a little impersonal, but it’s better than getting them something they won’t (or can’t) use. You can also choose to give your employees Christmas bonuses as a job well-done for the entire year.

#3: Host a Staff Recognition Night

#3: Host a Staff Recognition Night

Some companies have miniature “awards shows” to recognize the achievements of their staff. You don’t have to do something this grand, but make a plan to recognize the achievements of your employees, both big and small. This can be done either virtually or in person, and it’s a great way to show your staff that you appreciate all that they do for the company.

#4: Personalized Gifts

This can go along with a personalized care package because personalized gifts show that you recognize each employee as an individual. In the employee care package (or even as a gift on its own), you can gift a book you know a particular employee likes, their favorite candy, personalized notebooks, movie tickets, their favorite wine, a personalized coffee mug, or if you want to be more festive, you can gift a custom engraved holiday ornament for them to hang on their Christmas tree. Give heartfelt gifts like a man bouquet by Manly Man Co.

#5: Recognize Employee Milestones

#5: Recognize Employee Milestones

These milestones can be a promotion, or even something as simple as a work anniversary. No promotion or anniversary is too small for recognition. All employees should be reminded that their hard work is essential to the company’s success, so publicly acknowledging even the tiniest promotion shows that you appreciate your team. Also, studies have shown that many people quit after just one year of employment. So while you’re acknowledging 25, 20, and even 10 years of employment, don’t neglect those who have been with you for a year.

#6: Treat Your Staff to Dinner

Believe it or not, many employees don’t feel appreciated with just a simple “pizza party” as a reward for a job well done. This is the same gesture given to elementary school students for reaching a new reading level, so it’s not so appropriate for the hard-working members of your professional business. Instead, opt for treating your employees to a nice dinner. This doesn’t have to be anything super fancy or expensive, but it’s a slightly grander gesture than ordering pizza for the staff.


Overall, make sure to have the type of relationship with your employees where they know that they can come to you if they have any concerns or questions. When they express these concerns, take into consideration what they say and listen to their concerns. If accommodations can’t be made, explain to them why this is so, and try to come up with another solution. When employees feel heard, they will also feel valued.

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