5 Website Traffic Sources To Increase Online Income

by Marketing Published on: 01 May 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

Website Traffic

In order to make money with a website, you need a significant amount of website traffic. While a new blog will have a thousand visitors in a month, major websites have thousands of visitors per hour. Often times, an increase in revenues can be directly tied to an increase in traffic. Business owners should be paying close attention to where their traffic is coming from. This allows you to focus on where your visitors are coming from so that you can attract more and increase your income. To help you increase income, we have put together these website traffic sources that could make a huge difference to your bottom line.

1. Organic Search Traffic :

Firstly, most business owners look at how much organic search traffic their website receives. This include traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. When your website content shows up for search queries, visitors will click to find what they are looking for. If you have high quality content, search engines will display your content higher in the results. As you continue to invest in high quality content and get more website traffic, you can increase your traffic from this source. Moreover, these visitors are among the highest valued online because many of them are either in the learning or buying state of mind.

2. Direct “Type-In” Traffic :

Additionally, business owners are interested to know how much direct traffic the website is getting. This is a great indicator of how much word of mouth is going around about your site. If many people are talking about your company, you will receive more direct visitors. In these instances, people who already know about your business or website type the domain directly into the browser. These visitors are also very valuable because they are going to your site for a reason. If you put effort into spreading the word about your business, the direct traffic could result in a boost in income levels from your website.

3. Email List Traffic :

Many businesses find a way to collect a list of emails and attract visitors through newsletters. You can either set up a freebie giveaway for visitors to opt-in to your newsletter. Or, you can ask customers in person for their email addresses. This will allow you to send them emails occasionally to keep in touch. If you set up a good email marketing campaign, you could convert sales on these visitors higher than 3%. While email remains one of the oldest ways to communicate online, it is still a viable website traffic sources that can increase revenues.

4. Blogging Platform Traffic :

Many businesses will open a blog on third-party platforms because there is so much traffic already there. For example, the WordPress platform has thousands of other blogs. By creating a small website or hosting on WordPress entirely, you can receive referral traffic from the platform. This goes for other blogging platforms like Blogger, LinkedIn and Tumblr as well. The existing traffic on these platforms could lead to some additional leads and sales for your business. Of course, you should consider this high quality traffic source for your online strategy.

5. Social Media Traffic :

Naturally, social media is the major “X” factor for small businesses trying to drive traffic. Social media can drive thousands or millions of targeted visitors to your website. If your content goes viral, the resulting referral traffic could bring your server down altogether. In order to attract social media traffic, you should be active on multiple profiles. Each social profile creates another traffic funnel to refer visitors to your website and turn that website traffic into sales. As you increase your social influence, this could be the best website traffic source to increase your online income.

6. Paid Traffic :

Additionally, some businesses may consider paid traffic to increase their income. This can come with a certain level of risk. Since there are many different types of paid traffic opportunities online, you really have to be sure that your business will see a positive ROI. Whether you choose to go for native advertising, sponsored tweets or PPC search ads, these sources can drive a tremendous amount of traffic instantly. You just have to be sure about the cost to acquire visitors. When you can earn a positive return, this is one of the fastest ways to grow website traffic and profits quickly.

If you would like to increase your online income, start by increasing your website traffic from these sources. Organic traffic brings in high-quality visitors. Direct traffic includes people who already know about your website. Meanwhile, you can attract referral traffic from email lists, blogging platforms and social media. On top of that, you can use paid ads to really increase your traffic. When used strategically, all of these website traffic sources can heighten income levels.

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