Feng Shui Your Furniture With Pinterest’s New AR Features

by Real Estate 01 March 2022

Feng Shui

The latest introduction to the Pinterest app, Try On for Home Decor, has some great improvements for interior design. The augmented reality (AR) feature allows users to virtually place items directly from retailers into their homes using AR to see its potential placement. It’s like having an interior decorator at your fingertips. Take the example of Feng Shui furniture. 

What do you think Feng Shui is all about fortune and good luck? In 2022 Feng Shui is bringing many more attractive items and features for their customers.

Millions of users turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas and will help get users thinking about furniture placement. 

What Is New About Feng Shui Furniture?

What Is New About Feng Shui Furniture?

Once on the mobile platform, AR allows you to point your phone at the furniture and see it placed in the room you’re in, along with images of other furniture often found there. 

You can also point your smartphone camera at a piece of art and see how it would look displayed in a room. Once you have this information, it’s then easy to find your new Feng Shui favorite items online and buy them.

AR technology and interior design have been an interesting and effective pair. The concept of an app like this has been used by IKEA and is proving to become a very useful tool to help users find the right furniture. 

Moreover, you can use it to gain inspiration and then find that inspiration online through buying opportunities.

How Is Pinterest & Feng Shui Changing Interior Design?

With the popularity of AR apps and home design trends and platforms like Pinterest, it’s no wonder that Feng Shui is proving to be so popular. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that affects both personal and professional life. 

A Korean word meaning “wind energy” is based on how one should be situated in order to attract positive energy and avoid negative energy from spreading through their environment. In the West, a Feng Shui practitioner can help you carry out organizational furniture changes that will bring balance to your home or office.

Bring More Zen Approach To Your Home?

Creative fengshui practice kitchen arrangement Free Photo

This is where Feng Shui with Pinterest comes in. Since the app launched in 2013, users have been using it as a way to find specific pieces of furniture. But it has since expanded to include pictures of colors and other interior design trends

On Pinterest, you can browse trending topics and styles like color palettes, home decor trends, or decorative items from retail stores. When you come across one that interests you, you can pin it so that it will appear in your feed in the future. You can also add pins to your own board from your phone, just like any other item.

The combination of Pinterest and Feng Shui has proven to be a useful one. These two together support and can help you bring your home together if you want a more Zen approach to your decorating.

What Is Augmented Reality?

A strong network helps us scale in ways that would be impossible otherwise. That’s why so many businesses turn to social media marketing and the practice of influencer marketing. These methods help to build a strong network of potential customers, but they don’t always connect these people with your products or services.

So, how does one make an impact online with a smaller following? The answer is augmented reality and the technology that goes along with it. Although augmented reality is still in its early stages of Feng Shui development, there are already some great new ways for businesses to reach out and communicate online, which has been one of the main reasons its uptake has been so welcome.

Augmented reality is a technology that layers virtual images over physical objects in the real world. Your mobile device’s camera captures this image, then processes it and generates new information based on what it sees. 

For example, if you’re holding a smartphone and opening an augmented reality app, you can point the camera at different landmarks and see how they appear in your hand.

The result is a new layer of information you can interact with. For example, standing outside of a building could give you extra information about its history or some of its famous visitors. 

It could also provide the building’s address or the number of employees working inside. It works for animals, too, as Google has showcased.

How Augmented Reality Is Changing the Way, We Live Our Lives

How Augmented Reality Is Changing the Way, We Live Our Lives

Thanks to AR, you can look around at your new home and imagine yourself living there. The way your house looks and the way it feels are now things you can look forward to! You can also see how a room would fit into your current life and what you could do to make it better. 

The Feng Shui feature makes it easy for people who want to move but don’t know if they can afford a home or office. They can now use this technology to save money by spending a few minutes finding out how large the rooms are in their housing or other information about their workplace and home.

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