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by Real Estate 20 October 2023


Eh, dear friends, your brother wants to find that corner of happiness in this magnificent city, right? No problem, I understand you! Istanbul is like a magical book where every page is full of amazing places and opportunities. So, let’s start our exciting journey to the best places to buy real estate in this magical city!

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Locations to buy real estate and invest in Istanbul: What neighborhood for buying meters?

The first place that comes to mind is none other than the very heart of Istanbul, the Old City. Oh, what narrow streets it is, what century-old buildings! Here, you will feel the grandeur of history; there is ancient wisdom embedded in every stone of this neighborhood. Real estate in the Old Town is like a ticket to the past, to the world of the aroma of spices and exciting legends. Read more of Turkey apartments sale on site.


And of course, don’t forget about Sultanahmet, where every pebble is imbued with the history of great emperors. Imagine, you can live in a house whose windows overlook directly on the Hagia Sophia Cathedral! It’s not just real estate; it’s a dream realized in stone.

Besiktas Neighborhood

And if you bro looking for something more modern, then don’t miss the Besiktas neighborhood. Here, modern skyscrapers intertwine with the traditional atmosphere, creating a unique look for this part of the city. Buying real estate in Beşiktaş is like immersing yourself in the rhythm of modern life, where luxury and comfort go hand in hand.

Where is the best place to buy a house in Istanbul? If you dream of waking up with a view of the Bosphorus, then the neighborhoods of Arnavutköy and Eminönü are your choice. The fabulous sea views, yachts sailing along the shore, and majestic palaces will make your every day unique. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to inspire.


But let’s not forget the city’s business center, Lefkosha. If you’re looking for business real estate, there are modern office complexes and opportunities to grow your enterprise. Lefkosa is like a catalyst for your success, a place where ideas turn into reality.

Beyoğlu And Kadıköy Neighborhoods

And, of course, don’t forget the Beyoğlu and Kadıköy neighborhoods. These are the places where modern artists and creative individuals find their inspiration. Here, every street is like a canvas on which the history of modern art is written. Buying real estate here is like becoming a part of this creative world where art lives in every corner.

So friends, you bro see, Istanbul has a place for each and every one of you. Whether you bro looking for a traditional house in the historical center or modern apartments with a sea view, your cozy corner is here waiting for you. Hopefully, our journey through the best places to buy real estate in this magical city has inspired you for new discoveries and adventures. Onward to your own beautiful story in Istanbul!

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But that’s not all, friends! Istanbul is a city of contrasts, where ancient and modern worlds intertwine in amazing harmony. Let me tell you about some more stunning neighborhoods where you bro can also find your cozy home.

Fatih Neighborhood

Apart from the Old Town and Besiktas, the Fatih neighborhood also deserves your attention. It’s a place full of authentic Turkish atmosphere. Narrow streets, ancient mosques, and markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables create a unique flavor in this area. Buying real estate in Fatih is like returning to the past, where traditions and customs are valued above all else.


If you value peace and quiet, Atasehir neighborhood is your choice. This is a place where modern residential complexes are nestled among green parks and lakes. Here, every evening brings you peace, and every morning starts with birds singing and the fresh fragrance of flowers. Buying real estate in Atasehir is like acquiring an oasis of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Kartal Neighborhood

Don’t forget about the Kartal neighborhood, which is located on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. Here, you can enjoy beaches and luxurious restaurants overlooking the water. Buying real estate in Kartal is like immersing yourself in the world of sea waves and fresh sea breeze.

Eyüp Neighborhood 

Or maybe you bro prefer quieter historical streets? Then the Eyüp neighborhood is your choice. Here, houses with old architecture are intertwined with young and modern ideas. Buying real estate in Eyüp is like immersing yourself in an atmosphere of tradition and tranquility, where every stone of the house tells its own story.


And don’t forget about the town of Beylikdüzü. This neighborhood on the shores of the Sea of Marmara offers you incredible views and beaches that will become your personal corner of paradise. Buying real estate in Beylikdüzü is like a perpetual vacation by the sea, where every day is filled with fresh air and warm sunshine.

The cultural mecca of Istanbul, if you like theater, this is the place to be

And of course, I can’t fail to mention the cultural center of the city – Beyoğlu. Here theaters, galleries, and cafes create a unique atmosphere of creativity and inspiration. Buying real estate in Beyoğlu is like entering the world of art, where every corner of the city reminds you of beauty and creativity.

And, of course, the Maltepe neighborhood. This is where modern residential complexes offer you luxurious apartments with stunning views of the sea and the city. Buying real estate in Maltepe is like an investment in status and comfort, where every day brings you satisfaction and peace.


So, friends, Istanbul is not just a city; it is a whole world of possibilities. Wherever you decide to buy your home, remember that every square meter of real estate here is a part of your dreams, a part of your history. May your choice be wise and your home in this magnificent city be a source of happiness and comfort. Have a happy search and bright impressions in your new home in Istanbul!

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