Why Installing a Pool May Take Longer than You Think

by Real Estate 25 February 2022

Installing a Pool

Building and installing a pool is an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, this process can take longer than homeowners think. There are several things that factor into how long it may take to install your pools. Our Parkland pool contractors recommend keeping the following in mind.

Why Installing a Pool May Take Longer than You Think

Installing a concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass pool is much more complicated than your above-ground pool. There are several processes involved in the installation, and delays in one area can impact other areas. If you are surprised by the amount of time estimated to install your pool, remember that this is a process. Some of the steps involved include:

Planning and Design

Planning and Design

You have an idea in mind of what you want your yard and pool area to look like. Your planning and design meetings with the pool contractor will help you determine what is possible and what may need to be edited. Some of the most important factors to address during planning and design include:

  • Your budget
  • What you have in mind
  • What is required to install a pool at your home
  • What type of pool is best for your needs
  • How much the overall upkeep and maintenance is

Applications and Permits

Once you have your design planned out and know what to expect price-wise, the next step is making sure you have all applications and permits necessary to start the installation. Some properties don’t require applications or permits, and others do. You will need to check with your homeowner’s association (HOA) as well as city and county rules. HOA’s often require a deposit and may have restrictions on the type of pool and accessories you install.

Getting Quotes from Contractors

Getting Quotes from Contractors

Once you have your design and permits in place, the next step is hiring contractors to complete the work. Some pool builder companies have contractors they use to install pools. Others will outsource the work to local contractors. Work with your pool builder to get accurate quotes based on the dimensions of your pool and the overall design and space.


Next, your pool contractor or builder will come out and spray a layout on the property where the pool will be dug. During this process, you may have a visit from an inspector. Depending on the backlog of contractors in your area, the process of actually excavating your property could take weeks or even months. Some contractors in high-volume areas are backed up more than six months.



The installation process will vary depending on the type of pool you are installing. If you are installing a concrete pool, then you will need to schedule a concrete truck to deliver and pour the shell. If you are using gunite, then you will need to schedule delivery and have your pool contractor on standby to properly spray and smooth out the material. Fiberglass pools will require some backfill, which may need an excavator.

Decking and Accessories

Once your pool is installed, your next step is installing decking and any accessories. Maybe you are installing a hot tub or fencing around the entire area. Or, maybe you want a grotto with a waterfall. These are important elements that will take time to complete.


Once your pool is complete, there is a startup procedure that you must be patient with. This process includes filling up the pool and getting the water chemistry balanced properly. This can take up to three weeks to complete. Changes in weather or delays in the installation process can make this take longer.

Misc Processes

Changing weather conditions and unexpected events can definitely throw your pool installation off course. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic can be blamed for a lot of the current delays in construction. Many contractors are overwhelmed by business and shorthanded at the same time.

If you are looking to have a pool installed, it is important to work closely with your pool contractor so you know if there are delays and how to work around obstacles.

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