Family Law Marketing Strategies You Should Know In 2023

by Legal 10 January 2023

Family Law Marketing

Every business owner faces unique challenges to make their face a brand. The same thing stands true for the law industry. The law industry is one of the most competitive industries, and every firm must fight hard to get to its clients.

While people are more convinced to hire a lawyer for civil and criminal cases when it comes to family issues, they tend to take it easy. Perhaps this is where family lawyers find it difficult to onboard clients.

That said, if you operate a family law firm, marketing is essential for the continued growth of your business. As a business owner, it is understandable that you have many day-to-day activities that make the marketing effort take a back seat.

However, it is important to constantly revisit your marketing strategy to ensure constant improvement.

Family Law Marketing can be demanding for any business, especially as busy as family law firms. This is why we are here today. In this article, we will share the top strategies that will help your law firm grow in 2023.

Marketing Ideas To Attract More Clients To Your Family Law Firm

Before we start talking about the ideas, it is important to know where your client’s journey starts. The majority of people looking for family lawyers will start their journey online. They will research the right family law firm online. This means that you need a solid marketing strategy that meets your potential clients where they are.

Whether you are a solo family lawyer or a large firm, the following marketing strategies will help you remain competitive in the market.

1. Optimize Your Law Firm Website For Search Engines

 Law Firm Website

57% of people start their journey on search engines. Hence, optimizing your website for search engines is crucial to growing your online reach and creating opportunities for prospective clients to reach you.

As a reputable family law firm, you must be right in front of your targeted audiences whenever they are looking for a family lawyer. This helps you establish your law firm as a high-value firm and help drive subject-specific traffic to your business.

Search engines are quick to realize your online status based on the ranking of your landing page. The higher the ranking, the more likely the person looking for a family law firm will click your page.

That said, if you have a website, you must ensure that your website is SEO optimized. If your website is SEO optimized, it will help your landing page with its ranking, and the landing page will have more chances to rank higher.

2. Highlight Your Reviews & Awards Online

Reviews & Awards Online

Once you have offered a few services to the clients and were able to make them happy, ask for their valuable reviews. With the reviews and ratings you get from your clients online, highlight the best reviews, awards, and other accolades your family law firm has received.

Having these accolades and awards on your website shows your competencies. The new clients that will visit your website will see them and get the assurance of working with a reliable family law firm.

These awards and reviews act like cues for your audiences to build trust and boost your credibility online.

3. Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Database

Grow Your Database

The law industry is all about how good your relations are with your clients, especially in the case of family lawyers. Family lawyers deal with issues that directly involve family members, and hence, there is always an emotional aspect to it.

Keeping in touch with clients and building relationships is a crucial part of retaining your clients.

Once your website design is complete, you will start receiving email addresses in your database. You can use these email addresses to reach out to your potential clients. You don’t always have to offer your law services. Sometimes you can simply hold a conversation and offer free guidance to what is happening in their home.

One of the major mistakes most marketers make is taking email marketing campaigns and seeing them as only an intrusive marketing form. But, remember, email is much more personal space. Hence, a personalized form of marketing approach is required.

4. Engage Your Target Audience On Social Media

Target Audience On Social Media

Most people see social media as a different entity. However, we see it differently. We believe that with how fast the digital revolution is taking place, social media has become an extension of websites.

Whenever a client wants to know about your family law firm, the first thing they visit is your website. If there are any other digital presence links, they even visit those platforms. You must understand that potential clients want to know about your business through different channels possible.

Social media can help you humanize your law firm and help them know more about you. Social media posts are an excellent way to showcase your expertise in your practice area.

Stretch your marketing effort to social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and watch your client base grow exponentially.

Finally, Invest In PPC Advertisements

Once you are done with your organic strategies, invest some money in PPC ads. While you don’t always need PPC, PPC sure helps you get instant clients. PPC offers an incredible ROI compared to many other options.

While you have done everything to rank your website and gain new clients organically, it will still take time. That said, if you want your landing page to rank higher consistently, it is important to invest in PPC advertisements.

Imagine a person in need of a family lawyer. They may begin their search online by searching the phrase “family law attorney”. If you have used the key phase to run your ad, your law firm will be shown to the user.

The users can click the ad and redirect themselves to your landing page. However, one thing you must remember is that PPC ad campaigns cost you for every lead it generates. So, if the cost of lead generation is more than the sales, you need to adjust it accordingly in your marketing strategy.


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