Canada’s Scheme To Offer Work Permit For H-1b Visa Holders Exceeds Expectations

by Legal 21 July 2023

Canada’s Scheme To Offer Work Permit For H-1b Visa Holders

The Canadian Government has released a new scheme allowing 10,000 H-1B visa holders from the US to come and work there. This scheme is expected supposed to help Indian professionals. The good news is that this new scheme has proved successful, with a positive and overwhelming response. The scheme met its target on the first day.

H-1B visa is a visa for non immigrants. This visa would allow employers from the US to employ people from different foreign countries too. They can employ people in jobs that require both technical. And theoretical expertise in different fields.

Many US technology-based companies require to hire tens of thousands of talent worldwide. Many of the employees are from countries like India and China. This new work permit for the H-1B owners was launched officially on July 16.

However, the scheme got the attention of too many applicants; according to Immigration, Citizenship of Canada, and Refugees, the application has been closed. The applicants can no longer apply for the scheme.

The IRCC states on the website, “We reached the cap of 10,000 applications for this initiative on July 17, 2023.”

Applicants will also view the same news on the portal of IRCC. The temporary policy for the H-1B visa owners is now closed. They had planned for 10000 applicants, and the intake cap of 10000 applicants was closed very early. Also, the portal clarified that they no longer accept new applications.

This announcement was made by Canada last month with the hope of becoming the world leader in different technologies and industries. Many of the massive US tech giants and businesses laid off too many professionals. So, Canada introduced this plan to bring many professionals and students into their country.

However, this new policy introduced by Canada seems explicit while targeting visa holders staying in another country. However, the overall strategy of tech talent goes with the overall strategy of the country to acquire new and capable talents.

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