Expert Dedicated Teams for Your Next Project

by Business Intelligence Published on: 12 January 2024 Last Updated on: 26 February 2024

Expert Dedicated Teams for Your Next Project

The heroes of the popular Beigbeder’s novel “99 Francs” claim that with the help of a competent marketing strategy, you can sell absolutely everything. And yes, it would be great advice if we lived in the 20th century.

However, these days, when the vast majority of niche supply exceeds demand, you need to focus on quality first to succeed. This thesis applies to digital products as well. So, let’s discuss how to ensure the proper level of their quality below.

What If Not Marketing?

But what if not marketing matters? In short, you should pay attention to expertise. To be more precise, you need people with years of experience in your business niche and, at the same time, those who can create digital products for it. It’s great if you have them in your office (and, what’s more, you have the opportunity to choose the best of them), but what should you do when your primary company’s activities focus on something else? Looking for them on your own? We think it’s not a good idea. There’s a more simple way to get what you need – hire a dedicated software development team.

What Will You Receive?

Now, let’s find out what benefits this type of cooperation brings.

Savings. You can always choose a contractor from a country where the average IT market rates are lower than in your region. If you add to this the absence of the need to pay for sick leave, vacations, and holidays (all this falls on the shoulders of the company that enlists businesses with the support of dedicated teams), it becomes clear that you can achieve 20% or even more savings from the initially planned budget.

Accelerated launch. It may take you at least several months to fully staff a local department to work on your project. If we add to this the onboarding of newcomers, it becomes clear that, in the best case, the start of work will take place no earlier than four months later. In turn, with dedicated software development teams, you start working immediately, and their formation usually lasts no more than a couple of weeks.

Adaptability. If your requirements for the project suddenly change, you will not need to think about where to urgently find new employees with the necessary skills and what to do now with those who have either completed their work or whose skills are no longer needed. Indeed, in the case of dedicated software developers, you simply leave a corresponding request to your contractor, and the team scaling you need occurs in a matter of days.

No bureaucracy. Another advantage is the absence of all kinds of bureaucracy associated with official employment. This includes paperwork, tax and salary calculations, and much more that will add many tedious problems to your main task – creating a digital product.

And yes, along with all this, with a dedicated team, you get at your disposal advanced specialists who will work as productively as if they were in the same office with you and under your strict guidance.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have helped you discover what exactly is behind the success of the vast majority of software solutions, and now, you are ready to start looking for experts who specialize in dedicated software development. In particular, you can consider us, a company that cooperates with businesses in many areas, creating for them both complex enterprise-level solutions and small ones aimed at performing local tasks.

Feel free to contact us right now to discuss your business idea with your dedicated software team, assess the budget for its implementation, and agree on the details of cooperation.

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