Why Automation is Essential for Aligning IT & Business Infrastructure

by Business Intelligence 27 July 2021


IT or Information Technology brings forth several benefits to control and manage business processes, improve communication with the current and potential customers, and deliver high-quality services. However, business individuals and technology work in isolation often. So how can you manage the work? The perfect solution is nothing else than automation

Fortunately, companies now realize the need for aligning IT and business infrastructure. Gartner forecasts 50% of businesses to boost collaboration between IT and business infrastructure. The senior research director at Gartner, Keith Mann, shares his opinion and conveys the message regarding the Business units and IT teams. And he said the business units and the IT teams are no longer functions in silos, as separated groups can cause chaos.  

What Is IT-business Alignment?

What Is IT-business Alignment?

IT and Business alignment is a procedure by which organizations use information technology (IT) to reach their business objectives, with a visible improvement in marketplace competitiveness and financial performance. Incorporating the concept of automation is minimizing the chaos chances.

Why Is Automation Essential For Aligning IT & Business Infrastructure?

There are many reasons you should consider the automation of IT and business infrastructure. Scroll down to know more.

Here are seven reasons why automation is an essential integral part of aligning IT and business infrastructures.

1. For Collaboration

Most departments work in isolation. As said earlier, marketing experts never work closely with IT and rarely see each other. Both are unaware of how the sales team interacts with the customers. Now think of different business units. How many teams collaborate daily? 

By automating, you can bring various teams together. In addition, automation allows meaningful interaction with the customers, service staff, and other employees. They are eventually improving efficiency.

2. A Tool Of Business Transformation

2.A Tool Of Business Transformation

If you still consider all your business units such as marketing, product development, and sales as different units, you play unsafe. These are integral parts of business infrastructure and can transform your business like no else. 

Automation software is capable of boosting visibility into the various business operations, but it also offers high transparency regarding the processes and workflows. Other than bringing the inefficiencies forth, these deepen understanding of the different stages in a workflow. 

3. Improves Customer Experience

There is no denying that when each business unit works in tandem with each other, the customer’s most significant impact is felt. By automating, all teams work for a common goal and support the customers directly. 

So while a sales unit is the first point of contact for customers, even marketers and product developers make an essential contribution. By automating to align IT & Business Infrastructure, the technology team focuses directly on the customer. This boosts customer experience.

4. Improves Agility

You make less effort and reach your goals faster when you automate to align IT and business infrastructure. Approval, proper documentation, and assessment processes are vital for a business. However, these processes are tedious and slow down the operations while adding extra costs to the overall project. However, you are free to eliminate any of the processes.

Alternatively, if you decide to automate them, you can boost the process and deliver faster results. That is not all. Automation helps develop an organizational culture in which different teams optimize the current solutions available and refine them with speedier validation.  

5. Control And Manage Risk And Compliance Issues

Irrespective of business type and size, each organization maintains regulatory compliance. This, along with corporate compliance, opens gamuts of competitive advantage. Security is the number one concern with the customers. 

Strong adherence proves high business culture and security-centric attitude. It strengthens trust and retention. However, it is too complicated, making business processes slow. Luckily, the latest automated solutions can control and manage compliance issues successfully. 

6. Cost Reduction

It is estimated that a business can save up to 70 percent with automation. First and foremost, it removes the need for a larger team to conduct several steps to start product development. Therefore, helping you save on the staffing budget. 

Organizations with complicated infrastructures and larger teams can benefit massively. Even the quality improves substantially. Automation is also known for reducing labor costs. While several processes get automated, it reduces employee hours and the incidental expenses involved.

7. Efficiency In Workflows

7.Efficiency In Workflows

One of the best benefits of automation is efficiency in workflows. Australia is expected to see a $2.2 trillion productivity increase between 2015 and 2030, with more manual everyday tasks getting automated. That says it all. Moreover, BPMN or Business Process Modeling Notation helps in planning processes from start to finish.

The main goal of BPMN is to create methods to boost efficiency and attain an advantage over the competitors. The diagramming in BPMN enables easier collaboration and communication to reach business goals and high-quality results.

Wrapping Up:

To conclude, let us emphasize that there is nothing better for adding value to a business structure than automation. While it ensures you are walking with the times and competition, it also benefits more than you invest. It may feel slightly overwhelming in the beginning but is nothing short of a feat. So get started as soon as possible.

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