How to Use Custom Coins As a Unique Marketing Tool

by Business Planning Published on: 03 May 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

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Have you ever heard of custom coins?

Coins have long been used in the military to reward a job well done. They’re also used to enhance the feeling of being a part of a team.

They’re used throughout the military and law enforcement agencies. Even the President has a challenge coin.

They’ve started to become a way for businesses to promote themselves and create goodwill within their teams.

These 2″ coins are starting to capture the imaginations of executive and marketing teams to create company loyalty and create a strong brand image among clients.

Keep reading to learn how you can use these coins to promote your business.

History of Custom Coins :

Coins were first used as a reward in the Roman military. Soldiers who did well on the battlefield were rewarded with the day’s pay along with a bonus. Some historians note that the coins had the insignia of that soldier’s legion on them.

Fast forward to World War I. The folklore says that a young, wealthy pilot flew with the French forces and he had coins made with his unit’s insignia on them.

His plane crashed in France and was captured by German soldiers. Amazingly, he managed to escape. As he was trying to figure out where he was, he came across French villagers who thought he was a German soldier.

As they were getting ready to kill him, he showed them his challenge coin. A French soldier who happened to be there recognized the insignia and convinced the villagers that he was on their side.

There are also stories of challenge coins being used in the Korea War and the Vietnam War. In the 1960s, only one military unit had its own coin. That was the 10th Special Forces Unit. By the 1980s, challenge coins were commonplace among military units.

Today, law enforcement in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and a number of other countries use challenge coins, too.

Why Are They Called Challenge Coins?

Why are these custom coins called challenge coins?

When members of a military unit were out and about, one member of the group would slap his coin on the bar. This “challenge” would require everyone else to put their coins out on the bar.

If everyone there had their coins, then the challenger would buy the next round. Whoever didn’t have their coins on them would have to buy the next round.

Can You Use Custom Coins for Marketing?

You can use coins to market your business. There are two types of marketing. There’s external marketing, which is what most people think about. These include things like advertising, search engine optimization, trade shows, and networking.

There’s also internal marketing. This involves getting your employees emotionally connected to your brand and your company. Internal marketing can improve productivity and employee retention.

Employee turnover can be costly to your business. The average cost being 213% of the annual compensation for that position that needs to be filled.

Custom coins are fantastic because they can accomplish both internal and external marketing goals. In the end, your company can see higher sales numbers and lower HR costs. That can be a big return on investment.

They’re easy enough to order, too. Do a Google search and you’ll find plenty of companies like MilitaryCoinsUSA. You’ll want to be sure that the company has outstanding designers and they make it simple to place your order online.

Custom Coins for External Marketing :

What would you think of a business that gave out coins as their business card? It would make a great first impression, wouldn’t it?

That’s the kind of impression that you want people to have about your business.

Custom coins can be used to create exclusivity for your current customers. You can hand them out to your most loyal customers, or if you have a VIP program, a coin can be given to those customers.

They can have your company’s logo on them or the name of your VIP program. Either way, your customers will feel appreciated and valued.

Coins can be used to create a buzz about your brand. You can use them to promote upcoming events at your company. They’ll create curiosity among coin owners.

For example, if you have a seminar coming up, you can hand out coins to potential attendees. If they attend your seminar, you can give them the challenge to see who brought the coins to the event.

Internal Marketing Ideas :

Did you know that employees aren’t only motivated by money? They’re also motivated by feeling a part of a team, feeling like they make a significant contribution, and feeling that they’re appreciated.

You can hand out custom coins to your employees who do an extraordinary job.

Is your company divided into teams? If you have a team that is working together on a massive project and they do a great job, reward them.

You can hand out challenge coins to every member of the team to acknowledge their performance. They can then challenge each other at meetings and outside of the office too.

That will bring back the great memories of working hard on a project and being recognized for it.

Custom Coins to Grow Your Profits :

Custom coins that were used to reward military teams can be used to create a booming business. The reason why they’re such powerful tools is that they’re special. It’s not like a pen or t-shirt. A challenge coin is usually earned.

That’s the key to creating a custom coin that creates an emotional bond.

They’re a creative way to stand out among your customers and potential clients. They’re also a way to create teamwork and camaraderie among your employees. That leads to higher retention rates and lower HR costs.

Do you want to know other creative ways to build your brand?

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