Engaging Maths Symbols & their Meaning

Many people find it difficult to grasp the exact meaning of notation to solve a mathematical equation. Byju’s brings you the list of mathematical symbols along with their meaning for your reference.

Did you know that ciphers were the first math symbols to be used and introduced before the written language came into existence?

Math is known to be important for understanding the science behind natural phenomena. It is also considered to be the most complicated subject for many students all over the world. Also, a variety of symbols are applied in equations that add a cherry on the complex cake. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a reference list of the conventions so that you don’t make any mistake.

Byju’s puts forth a consolidated list of all the symbols that are used in different branches of mathematics. Hence, next time when you try to solve any Math problem, you will know what a particular notation means.

Basic Symbols:

+PlusAddition of numbers
MinusSubtraction of numbers
XMultiplicationMultiplication of numbers
[latex]\div[/latex]DivisionDivision of numbers
=EqualsTwo sides are equal
[latex]\neq[/latex]Not equal toTwo sides are not equal
<Less thanvalue is greater than the other
>Greater thana value is smaller than the other
[latex]\leqslant[/latex]Less than or equal toValue is less than or equal to the other
[latex]\geq[/latex]Greater than or equal toValue is greater than or equal to the other
[ ]BracketsCalculation of the equation inside the equation
( )ParenthesisSimplification of the equation inside the equation
[latex]\sqrt{a}[/latex]Square rootThe value that can be multiplied by itself to get the original number
[latex]\pm[/latex]Plus-minusValue can be both plus and minus
modmoduloFinding the remainder of the division of two numbers
%PercentA ratio expressed as a fraction of 100


Geometric Symbols:


[latex]\angle[/latex]AngleThe figure formed by two rays
[latex]\measuredangle[/latex]Measured AngleAn angle whose value is known
oDegreeMeasurement of plane angle describing one complete rotation
[latex]\sim[/latex]SimilarityObjects with similar shapes but not the size
||ParallelLines equidistant from each other
[latex]\cong[/latex]CongruentObjects with same geometric shape and size
[latex]\perp[/latex]PerpendicularLines which are the right angle to each other
[latex]\widehat{AB}[/latex]ArcPart of the circumference of a curve or circle
[latex]\Delta[/latex]TriangleThree vertices with and three line segments


The probability of Statistics Symbols:


P(A)Probability FunctionThe occurrence of event A
f(x)Probability density functionIntegral of a function of a continuous random variable
P(A [latex]\cap[/latex]B)IntersectionThe probability of occurrence of events A and B
P(A U B)UnionThe probability of occurrence of events A or B
P(A | B)Conditional Probability functionThe probability of occurrence of event A when B has occurred
F(x)Cumulative distribution functionA random variable X takes a value less than or equal to x


This is a small part of the vast ocean of mathematical symbols. Explore more math symbols with their uses and meaning at Byju’s. Check out solved examples, detailed explanation of simple & complex topics and conversion calculators such as inches to centimeters & cm to inch converter.

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