The Emergency Service Chief Of Maui Resigns With Unspecified Health Reasons Amid Criticism

by Job & Career 18 August 2023

The Emergency Service Chief Of Maui Resigns


The Head of Maui Emergency Management Agency, Andaya, resigned with an unspecified health condition without any further details. In the county of Maui, Mayor Richard Bissen took to Facebook to announce their acceptance of the resignation.

This happened on Thursday after The Head of Maui Emergency Management Agency disclosed no regret for not using fire sirens to warn the residents about the wildfire. The devastating wildfire historically destroyed and killed off more than 111 people in the seaside community of Lahaina.

Alongside his comment, water shortages hampered the work of the firefighters, and escape routes clogged with vehicles started putting fire to the spark of criticism coming from the residents.

The lack of sirens was a potential misstep that was added to the series of communication issues, according to the reports of The Associated Press.

Mayor Richard Bissen immediately accepted Andaya’s resignation with no further details specified about the health reasons he mentioned in his resignation. The County of Maui took to Facebook to announce Bissen’s acceptance of the resignation on Thursday.

Also, Bissen provided his statement about the situation and added that he would soon be appointed someone in this position, given the gravity of the current situation. A day before his resignation, Andaya defended his reason for not sounding the sirens when the flames rose.

Hawaii equips the largest outdoor alert sirens in the world, but not using them in an emergency is concerning to many residents. Andaya also said that we people would have gone Mauka had he allowed the use of sirens. In Hawaiian navigational language, the term means going to the mountain or the island. According to Andaya, if that were the case, people would go into the fire.

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