Secret Technique To Crack UPSC Civil Services Exam In The First Attempt

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UPSC Civil Services

It is quite an arduous task to crack the civil services in the first attempt. Most people would have their tips to provide us with the IAS no matter how knowledgeable they are in this domain. Such people might be none other than our family members, colleagues; even strangers we meet on the roads and finally, the distant relatives would pester us on knowing we are a civil services exam aspirant.

However one should note that such advice would cloud one’s perception of the UPSC Civil Services examination as he/she might lose the plot early on despite studying for long hours a day. Misconceptions would range from false ideas like we should read a large number of books; one should have luck by their side to clear the exam and so on. All such misconceptions would be a result of the ideas provided by people who have no idea about the UPSC civil services.

Preparing for an exam in such a manner would lead to failure, by all means, owing to an ambiguous beginning, haphazard efforts with negative expectations regarding the result. Such sort of preparation would not help a candidate to clear the exam in the first attempt.


The Key To Crack The Exam Should Be Crystal Clear:

One should remember that it is not so difficult to clear the exam in the first attempt unless he/she receives the right mentorship while preparing for it. There should be a plan which should be strategized and consistent to augment the preparation while simultaneously being confident of him/her. A majority of them would know about it after a lot of trial and error whereas the smart ones who are well aware and organized are bound to succeed in their first chance itself.

Simply put, to clear the civil services exam, one has to move past the above-explained pitfalls. This could be done in various ways mentioned below.

Having A Realistic Goal:

To clear the exam, the candidate has to know as to why he/she wants to become an IAS/IPS officer. This would give the candidate an impetus to focus, drive to succeed and give their wholehearted effort. This would certainly help the candidate to excel in every sphere of endeavour. Simply put, all of this would happen only when one knows the why behind your goals.

Self Belief:

We might have heard about instances where people who come from backgrounds which are perfectly normal doing unimaginable performances owing to their tremendous self-belief. The case is not different when it comes to the UPSC as most of the rank holders had the same level of anxiety as the other aspirants. What helped them was the fact that they were able to calm their excitement while being grounded in themselves. The candidates have to be the best version of themselves, express themselves while being confident of their ability instead of mimicking other successful figures. The candidate has to believe that he/she is the master of his/her destiny and follows his/her instincts accordingly.

Perseverance For The goal:

Everyone is aware of the fact that most candidates would be cheerful at the onset of their preparations but would lose their motivation halfway through owing to various reasons. This is the reason why being persistent and consistent is the key to success. Everyone has the desire to perform but what counts is the focus and determination one has. Candidates should remember that one should remember that every day is a new one and one should have daily goals, and plans laid out to augment their preparation.

The above-mentioned points might be helpful to clear the exam in the first attempt. In addition to this, one has to be mindful of the below-mentioned points.

  1. Know about the Civil Services examination: Understand the IAS syllabus, the availability of training required, select the desired optional subject, the trend or UPSC exam pattern.
  2. Understand how to prepare for UPSC: The candidate should know about how to prepare for UPSC by knowing about facts like books to read, exam timelines, prepare notes, read the necessary newspapers and magazines.
  3. Have A Plan: It is advisable to have a plan on one’s own like how to finish subjects one by one, how to do a revision, a time required to complete portions of subjects and so on. This would ensure that the candidate is on track with his/her preparations.

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