7 employee perks you should look for when choosing a new employer

by Management 28 January 2021

choosing a new employer

Looking for a new job can be super nerve-wracking, especially when you are meeting a new boss and a whole new team. To help you decide on any job offer, check out these 7 employee perks you should look out for.

1. Employee Assistance Programme

One employee perks to look out for is the employee assistance programme from LifeWorks. An employee assistance programme is funded by an employer to help employees with any personal issues. Help includes 24/7 specialist counseling and wellbeing services through one singular app.

Though these issues might be from outside of work, they could end up impacting your health, wellbeing, or your performance at work. Employee assistance programs usually help with health and safety concerns, financial and legal problems, work-related issues, and even relationship and family matters.

2. Vacation/ Holiday Pay

The year of the pandemic excluded for obvious reasons, going back to 2019, the average number of holidays per person in the UK was 3.9 holidays per year. This includes holidays taken abroad or domestic. Say each holiday was a week-long, this is over 27 days that could be taken in leaving.

For the average employee, it is not affordable to miss out on nearly a month’s wages a year. When looking for a new employer, look out for any paid vacation or holiday time that might be on offer so that you don’t have to lose out on taking a break.

3. Performance Bonus

Performance bonuses can be a great way to set yourself a goal and be rewarded at the end. It can also bring your workforce together as a team and form a kind of camaraderie. An employer that offers a performance bonus clearly cares about motivating his employees and rewarding their achievements.

4. Childcare Assistance

When you have a child, finding a new job is always difficult as you never know if your new schedule will work around school times, play dates, and other things in your well-oiled childcare routine. Maybe you have a babysitter or an afterschool club, but you’re going to be away irregular hours.

This is why some employees will offer help with childcare, whether it is a bursary towards childcare, or a creche or nursery on the grounds of the office.

5. Gym Membership

After a hard day of work, the best way to blow off some steam can be at the gym. Some employers will have access to a gym on company property or give you a discount to a local fitness studio. Whatever it is, be sure to take advantage

6. Employee Discounts

Look out for whether the employer gives its staff a discount on its products. This can come in very handy when weighing up which job offer to accept.

7. Office Socials

And finally, see if the employer hosts any office socials such as Christmas parties, New Years Eve dos, or a yearly get together in the pub. This is the sign of an employer who cares about its staff, and that is all we can ask for as a prospective employee.

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