What Do Civil Engineering Companies Really Do?

by Management 15 May 2019

Civil Engineering

When someone thinks of a civil engineer, the first thing that may come to mind is buildings and bridges. While this is true, the modern civil engineer actually does much more than this.

A civil engineer has to come up with a wide array of solutions to all types of complex problems and implement them. Their role is to literally shape the world that everyone lives in.

Today’s civil engineering company specializes in one of a kind engineering projects and offers services for an array of fields. While this is true, these fields typically tie to one another in some way. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common projects handled by today’s modern civil engineer.

Commercial Projects:

One of the most common specialized civil engineering projects involves commercial structures or buildings. Some of the most common commercial engineering projects include banks, parking lots and parking garages, office buildings or blocks of office buildings, shopping centers (both open air and closed structures), and cafes and restaurants.

Each of these projects requires specific considerations to ensure they are both structurally sound and properly built. This is when a civil engineer’s services are invaluable.

Project for Institutions:

A civil engineer is also often involved in the design and construction of various institutions. Some of the most common include universities and schools, corporate buildings and buildings for large businesses, and clinics and hospitals.

Other institutions that may be constructed include retirement villages, assisted living institutions, some being subsidized and some not.

Industrial Projects:

For many industrial projects, the services of a civil engineer are required. They can help with the construction of a wide array of industrial buildings.

Some of the structures that civil engineers provide help with include factory storage areas and warehouses, business parks and industrial parks, utilities, and manufacturing factories and facilities.

Environmental Services:

In today’s environmentally conscious society, a civil engineer that doesn’t pay attention to environmental issues is not one that should be hired. Today, the majority of modern companies take note of the necessity to make sure that every project they take on or are involved with is environmentally friendly.

Some of the specific services that a civil engineer provides in relation to environmental services include both Phases I and II environmental assessments, mitigation and permits, monitoring of the wells, environmental compliance and consulting, and the identification and safe removal of asbestos and lead.

Water Management:

Modern civil engineering companies also work on the design and the development of several water management projects. Thee professionals are used to helping with the safe use of water, along with directing water.

Some of the most common services offered related to water management include the treatment and collection of wastewater, the drinking water supply, distribution, and storage, and watershed and stormwater management. Each of these services is crucial to the development and design of modern structures.

The Modern Role of a Civil Engineer:

There are several projects that civil engineers are involved in. Getting to know the options can help ensure that a person knows what civil engineers have to offer and what their role is in the modern world. Being informed, and fully understanding these things can help ensure that everyone knows the role of these professionals and why they are so important in the world today.

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