10 Things Employers Need to Know About Workplace Safety

by Business Development Published on: 09 May 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is much more than a list of rules and regulations written down in a company code of conduct.

Instead, your employees need to know about the importance of workplace safety. It is the responsibility of business owners to communicate clearly and effectively to employees about this.

The most effective way to ensure employee safety is by encouraging the employees to identify and raise health and safety concerns themselves. In addition to integrating safe behaviors and workplace practices into their daily working lives.

Keep reading to find out more about the top 10 things employees need to know about workplace safety.

1. Awareness of Surroundings :

It’s important that your employees know the surroundings of the workplace and the potential hazards and dangers present.

This is especially important in particular work environments, such as factory floors, or construction sites. Click here to find out more about ADT Home Security.

2. Posture at Desks :

If any of your employees work in an office environment, it’s important to consider posture at desks. Unless staff members follow guidelines of computer use safety, misuse could result in back and neck pain. The appropriate seating arrangement is with your shoulders in line with your hips.

If the work of your employees involves lifting heavy items, it’s essential that they understand the proper method for doing this. This means a straight back and bended knees. You can avoid many of this problems by alerting staff with safety reminders.

3. Frequent Breaks :

Tiredness and exhaustion can result in many workplace safety issues. For instance, they could lead to lack of concentration, which might cause injury. Or, overworking and burn-out could lead to mental health problems that affect the ability of your staff to work.

You can avoid many of these issues by encouraging your employees to take frequent breaks throughout the day. This should be part of the everyday routine of every member of staff.

4. Proper Use of Machinery :

Make sure your employees have a good understanding of how to properly use machinery in the workplace. Adopting shortcuts is dangerous and causes serious injury.

Whether it’s scaffolding or computers, there is a proper and safe use that should be enforced.

5. Emergency Exits :

In case of emergency, it’s essential that you make sure the emergency exits are accessible.

6. Identify and Report Potential Hazards :

It’s important that staff also participates in the identification, reporting, and prevention of workplace hazards.

The appropriate procedure should be implemented whereby employees can communicate any employee safety concerns with supervisors.

7. Avoid Shortcuts :

It’s essential that employees make use of the equipment and tools provided to help them achieve goals with greater ease and safety.

While sometimes using a wheelbarrow or forklift might consume more time, it’s worthwhile to ensure health and safety.

8. No Alcohol or Drugs :

In order to ensure workplace safety, the staff has to avoid alcohol and drugs of any kind in the workplace. These substances affect the ability of employees to exercise judgment and coordination. These faculties are essential in many roles in workplace environments.

9. Stress and Depression Management :

Stress, depression and other mental health problems need to be appropriately managed and handled. After all, stress can cause employees to lack concentration. It’s important these are reported and addressed.

10. Wear Safety Gear :

Every employee has to wear the appropriate safety gear and equipment to carry out their responsibilities and tasks. This depends on the job but could include safety goggles, gloves or hard hats.

Workplace Safety and Other Business News :

Now you know the 10 things employees need to know about workplace safety, it’s time to make sure your business has the right safety procedures in place.

Don’t make the mistakes of skipping procedures and allowing shortcuts.

Contact us if you have any questions about security and safety in the workplace or any other business news.

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