Office Automation with Compactus: The Good, the Bad, and the Great

by Management 30 August 2018

Office Automation

Few things seem as ideal a way to transform a small space than with a compactus system. Compactus systems initially came about as a way to store multiple thousands of paper files in one small and easily maneuverable space. Think of something like a doctor’s office, with files and folders spilling out of hundreds of cabinets and boxes that line the walls. Compactus brought paper large paper filing to the next level by providing a system that organized, compacted, and hid the piles of awkward papers from view.


Using a system of tracks that were integrated into flooring, and large wheeled cabinets that could be moved along those tracks to open and access specific files when necessary, compactus units hide the files from view when they were no longer needed. The compactus system also became an extremely attractive design for small libraries that needed more space for an ever-growing number of books.


In the new millenia, with the advent of email, cloud storage, and e-readers, the need to store and file huge amounts of paper is quickly becoming obsolete. However, compactus systems are not. With the need to maximize space, because of higher population rates, soaring cost of rent, and the burgeoning idea of minimization to aid in the reduction of use of resources and the emittance of carbon, small spaces are becoming the new norm.

Compactus Offers Innovation

With better things no longer necessarily being associated with bigger, compactus design offers a bespoke approach to designing a multi-functional space that works for the needs of the individual.


Compactus units can be sized specifically for whatever it is that your business, or your home, needs to store. With paper thing units capable of archiving thousands of art pieces, say for stock storage f a small gallery, or large enough that you can even fit sinks, microwaves, and sitting arrangements, for an office break room that also works as cloak storage, file space, and even a multi-media room.


People are even bringing compactus units into their homes. Compactus units have been integrated into vast wardrobe systems for a few years now, but innovators have even gone beyond that. In an article on New Atlas, they outline how compactus units can be integrated into small apartments. This novel design brings in a new wave of possible concepts on how to best transform small spaces into multi-use mansions.

For Every To, There Is a Fro

Even though the usefulness of compactus systems has been known and celebrated for ages, the systems do come with their own drawbacks. Many systems are extremely heavy and require specialized parts and maintenance to ensure their sustained usability.  Many of the models can be heart-wrenchingly expensive, especially if you’re looking for custom made options.


Another pitfall to the elegant design is that almost all of them require specialized flooring that has to be put in along with the system. They require an extremely level and load bearing base in order to work safely and correctly, which could mean that in order to install them, you may also have to consider installing new flooring as well.


While newer units generally come with fail-safes and safety mechanisms, older versions could pose some serious health risks and hazards. Getting crushed in between the different structures was a real concern for many, and few of the models are the kid, elderly, or disabled friendly.

Ingenuity By Design

As demand for these units increases, so does the sophistication of the design. Mobile shelving units come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Integrating automatically self-propelled movement at the touch of a button. Making them more user-friendly for the aging and disabled populations.


The drawbacks of the compactus systems are generally not enough to deter buyers from integrating them into their homes and workspaces. When dealing with small space and organization, few things have been as successful in answering the multi-faceted call for the compactus design. A design that has been perfected and utilized for years.


As society and environments change at lightning pace, watching how the market is able to keep up with contemporary demands is a true thing of beauty. While the days of paper filing may have become obsolete, the compactus unit most certainly has not.


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