The Importance Of Effective Marketing For A Small Business

by Marketing 03 February 2022

Effective Marketing For A Small Business

It has been said that small businesses are the backbone of our economy since they employ just about 50% of all workers. Unfortunately, they rarely get the recognition they deserve and surely don’t have the financial resources large corporations have. 

It’s a game of prioritization, and many of the operational elements necessary for success are put on the back burner while resources are diverted to production and overhead. Because of this, marketing is often hit and miss for many small businesses, but that’s just what it takes to propel them to success. It can’t be said enough just how important effective marketing is for a small business.

3 Advantages Of Effective Marketing For A Small Business

3 Advantages Of Effective Marketing For A Small Business

Setting up a small business is hard work. And your work will get much more complicated when you start to do the advertisements for your business. You are a new venturer in the business world. As a result, nobody is aware of your brand name. So your work will get much more complex than you thought.

But there is always an easy way to find the exact solutions for your business marketing.

1. Marketing Goes Far Beyond Advertising

Marketing Goes Far Beyond Advertising

One of the critical mistakes many small business owners make is in thinking marketing and advertising are one and the same. While it’s true that advertising is one aspect of marketing, effective advertising strategies are built on marketing data analytics. 

For example, do you know who your target audience is when advertising? Do you know who your customers are likely to be? While you may have a good idea who to advertise to, a marketing team will run data analytics to target that segment of the market most likely to buy your products and/or services.

2. Setting A Marketing Budget

Setting A Marketing Budget

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a marketing budget is important because marketing is a critical element to business success. The percentage of gross income they recommend is beyond what most small businesses can afford. Consider for a moment a marketing budget of seven or eight percent of your gross revenue. 

That puts an in-house marketing team out of the question for most small businesses. It certainly wouldn’t cover the salary of an experienced CMO. If you’re a start-up or small business and can’t afford to bring on a Chief Marketing Officer full-time, consider hiring a fractional or part-time CMO.

From data analytics to marketing strategies, a fractional CMO can cover all bases. Use the digital medium for advertising for your small business. You do not have to spend a lot on your advertisements.

3. Why Marketing In The First Place?

3. Why Marketing In The First Place?

The point is, once you’ve identified your target audience, you need to let them know who you are and what you do. Brand recognition is a huge part of marketing, and that goes beyond advertising as well. Again, it’s all about identifying your potential customer base through analytics so that you can tell them who you are in terms of what they are looking for. 

A small business marketing, then, is about identifying a need and then communicating that you have what it takes to address that need.

If you can’t afford a Chief Marketing Officer, you probably can’t afford a marketing department. By contracting a fractional CMO, you will get all the benefits of a team working ‘for’ you but not exclusively.

Marketing is an investment you can’t afford to make but being unable to afford a marketing team is not out of the realm of possibility. Marketing identifies your target audience and then tells them who you are and why you are the answer to what they need. 


It’s as simple as that yet as complex as that. Don’t get passed over by the competition just because you are overshadowed. Set that budget and gain the momentum you deserve through effective marketing strategies. It’s the only way to own your market, and that’s marketing in a nutshell. Your small business marketing will be much easier when you have a proper business strategy in your mind.

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