EaseUS Data Recovery Software Recover All Your Deleted Data

by Technology 10 November 2018


For most people, the personal files that we store on computers, USB sticks or any other electronic device, are the most valuable. In these files we store information about our person, about work or all kinds of images for the memory, for example. The problem is that despite the importance of backing up our information, not everyone does it.

This can lead us to the situation that due to physical or logical problems in our devices, we lose all those files. When that happens, the first thing is to throw our hands to the head regretting not having made a backup. Then begins an odyssey to see how to recover them. Luckily, applications like EaseUS SD Card Data Recovery software Free are designed to help us.

EaseUS Data Recovery, a very complete application:

It must be said that this is a file recovery software that is designed to help us recover all types of data deleted from our discs. Among its main characteristics, we can find.

  • It is possible to recover deleted data from any unit, be it hard disks, USB memories, photo cameras or memory cards.
  • It allows to deal with any type of deletion, whether it is an accidental deletion, a formatting of the device, the action of a virus or the failure of the system, for example.
  • It offers the possibility of recovering data even if the system does not start or fails.
  • Compatible with all types of files, both images, videos, and documents. The software analyzes the unit and shows us the results obtained.

How to recover the data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free?

Many of you may think that it is a complicated process and that it is necessary to have computer skills to carry it out. Perhaps this is the case with other similar programs that have endless options to configure, but this is not the case with EaseUS Data Recovery recycle bin recovery. This software has been designed to make life easier for users, leaving aside complicated options. With just a series of clicks through a guided assistant, we will be able to recover the deleted data.

The process of information retrieval is carried out in three simple steps:

  • The first thing that we will have to do, will be to select the unit that we want to analyze and where the deleted files were. Once selected, press the “Scan” button to start the search.
  • When conducting the search, we can choose two different methods. On the one hand, there is the fast scan that will carry out a superficial search and that will show results in a few minutes. If the information sought is not shown, we have the option of performing a deep scan whose analysis is more meticulous. A process that may take more or less time depending on the size of the disk. The good thing is that it offers the possibility of pausing the search temporarily and resuming it later.
  • Once the scan is finished, we can use the filters to search only what we are interested in, in addition to previewing the recovered files to see if it really is what we were looking for.

So you know. If you have lost some type of file on your SD Card, download free data recovery software you have the opportunity to recover them thanks to this software. Do not stop trying it. You will be glad to do it.

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