5 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Virtual Events Platform

by Technology 21 October 2022

Virtual Events

The post-pandemic business world has drastically changed its approach toward meetings, seminars, and events.

What used to be an alternative to a physical event is now considered the best option for conducting an event. We’re talking about a virtual event software platform.

Virtual platforms have allowed business owners to stay connected with their employees regardless of location. Managers can share their documents, give a presentation and allot tasks.

However, not every virtual platform is equipped with all the necessary features. That is why you must spend time choosing the right platform.

Checkout Five Important Things Help You To Choose A Virtual Events Platform:

To help you choose the right virtual events partners, we decided to frame a few points you must consider while searching.

Here they are:

1. How easily can you set up your event?

You do not have time to go through lengthy technical procedures to start the event. If a platform of your choice is asking you to do so, perhaps they haven’t worked on simplifying the access procedure.

In our recommendation, you should choose a partner that gets you to the desired page within 3 to 4 clicks. Since business hours are limited, you cannot afford to spend 15 minutes setting up the event.

So, choose a partner that makes the process easier for you.

2. How many options does it offer to participants?

Much like a physical meeting where a participant can raise a question, cast their vote, interact with the manager and give a suggestion, the virtual platform should also have all such options integrated within its system.

Participants should be able to chat, speak, vote, share documents, and post Q&As while attending the meeting. These options will make the meeting more interactive and productive.

3. How many participants can it accommodate?

Business events are professional. You cannot afford technical glitches in the middle of the event that contains your client base and competitors. 

That is why you must choose a platform that can easily accommodate a maximum number of participants. Audience capacity varies from platform to platform.

your virtual event

Some may be able to pull off a meeting with over 10,000 guests, while others may face bugs and technical glitches even while hosting 50 people.

Therefore, you must pick a platform with a good track record of hosting mega-events without any bugs.

4. Can you track event data?

One of the biggest benefits of online community engagement is instant real-time data. Event data plays a critical role in formulating business strategies. The amount of uptime, participation and locations help improve future events.

Event data also tells you how satisfactory and engaging your event was. If you had good participant interaction, that shows your event was good. Similarly, if your data numbers are not impressive and participation is low, you can work on things that did not work out.

So, choose a platform that tracks how satisfied your participants were with your virtual event.

5. Do they automate systems and processes?

The virtual platform should perform processes like push-notifications alerts, advertising sponsors, and email marketing by default.

They should ensure that the right links and emails are sent to all the attendees to join the event.

It will allow you to focus on conducting a productive event without worrying about marketing and advertising. So, choose a platform that supports task automation.

Final Thoughts

Given the success they have bought in business functions, virtual events are not going anywhere.

That is why investing in a good virtual platform is necessary for most businesses. The good news is that you have better platforms available today than in pre-pandemic times.

So, contact them today for a no-obligation quote and host virtual events clinically.

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