Hottest Product Categories for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

by Business Published on: 29 January 2022 Last Updated on: 06 June 2022

Product Categories

If you’re planning to start a new business and would like to sell your products on Shopify, make sure you have done some solid research on the various products one can easily sell on Shopify. With so many products and categories booming in Shopify, you have to narrow down a bit of your research and find out the best niche to focus on.

What kind of categories have maximum competition? What are the highest margins? What opportunity do you have to grow your offerings, etc.? To give you a better understanding of that visit Startstorez. We have also curated a list of the best trending product categories so that you can make the right decision about the right products.

a. Clothing


Did you know that clothing takes up almost 30% of the list of the most popular product categories? Oh yes! And we all know why clothing is so popular. Simply because it will never go out of style. Clothing is not just about fashion but also a necessity. We need clothes just like we need food, water, and shelter, and given times like these, everyone wants to have the best kind of outfits, which explains the growing popularity of clothing brands of Shopify.

b. Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry & Watches

The market for jewelry and watches in India is currently moving upwards at a steady pace. Experts believe that the 135-million-dollar jewelry market in India is going to double in numbers in the next 1 year and lead to a massive e-commerce wave.

One of the reasons why they have grown so much in importance is because of social media awareness, expansion of middle class, increasing popularity of Omni-channels amongst business conglomerates, etc. Hence, it comprises 12.5% of the whole Shopify market.

c. Home and Garden

Home and Garden

Investing in home furniture has been a priority for Indians for quite some time, but its popularity has grown immensely ever since the pandemic commenced. As per experts, people have started flocking into stores and markets to purchase new plants, flower pots, home accessories, and more.

And the reason is pretty much understandable. Now that everyone is spending a big chunk of their time at home, it is only sensible that they invest towards it. Hence, home and garden also make quite a hot category on Shopify, taking up 12.4% of it.

d. Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Fitness and self-grooming both have become extremely popular off late. People are literally obsessed with the whole looking & feeling good factor. Hence, there are multiple fitness and beauty-related products in the market of late.

From nail polishes, skin care products & sheet masks to yoga mats, exercise mats, and trainers, the beauty & health industry is booming! Also, with how strong the influence of social media is, any entrepreneur can experience great business & profit if they choose this zone.

e. Shoes

As per the latest research, the footwear market in India is expected to expand by 13% in the upcoming years. A lot of life-changing habits, growing economies, and growth in health and awareness, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic are causing this. People these days are heavily interested in sport’s shoes, trendy and athletic wear which totally explains why it takes up such an important & crucial space in Shopify dropshipping stores.

Other Products That Are Growing in Popularity on Shopify

#Men’s Grooming

Sure, women’s beauty products have always caused ripples on Shopify, but did you know that men’s grooming is also becoming the rage. With new shaving creams, scrubs, body washes, and skincare products trending in the market, men’s beauty has become quite trending and popular.

Many successful companies have recently seen these niches emerging and have found a smart way to climb the ladder of success too. So if you’re contemplating men’s products, consider giving grooming a shot.

#Home Office Products

Now that working from home has become the new normal, people have started investing in decorative trinkets, furniture, and desk spaces to make working from home a fun, easy, and relaxing task. Hence, buying the right office equipment & the need for it has seen incremental growth in the past 12 months especially.

From ring lights for looking food on zoom calls to noise-canceling headphones, ergonomic stools, chairs, and work from home desks, there are a lot of new and trending products you could easily sell and run a thriving business.

#Doormats & Rugs

Home is where the heart is also, and these days, you can also find the sarcastic doormat there. It’s hard to deny the utility of doormats. They not only clean your dirty shoes but also give that first impression to anyone who is visiting your home for the 1st time.

Hence, it is important to invest in a quality doormat, rug, or carpet. They are essential, have grown in popularity of late, especially because of COVID-19, and are known to make life a lot easy. So if you’re considering purchasing a product, try this one for sure.


So that was a look at some of the most trending and important categories in Shopify, as of 2021, but there are many other changing factors or statistics that also affect the growth of Shopify dropshipping stores. Finding the right product categories is probably the only one of the factors that lead to success.

The biggest issue is you can maximize the sales or which ad platform can you actually use. From the data and numbers mentioned above, you can find good sellers in almost all these categories on Shopify, which also means that finding a market or category with limited competition will not be a piece of cake.

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