Dispatcher360 For Drivers And Trucking Companies

by Business 11 May 2022


More than ever, the eCommerce industry has been active. With the industry taking the digital landscape for the businesses, shipping companies have never been this busy with millions of transactions moving in the United States alone.

Just imagine a single proprietary controlling all the transactions. You can’t imagine, right? Because it’s impossible. Managing a single transaction is in itself a taxing process; managing millions is impossible.

However, there is a way around this problem. If you want to run smoothly by keeping all your records in check, effectively managing payment invoices, and working in order, hiring a dispatch company through the 24*7 companies would really help you.

A dispatcher ensures that everything is checked and in place. They even communicate with the truck drivers and clients for effective transactions.

Importance Of Dispatcher

Importance Of Dispatcher

If you are in the trucking business, communicating with multiple clients, noting their requirements, and accommodating their concerns all at the same time will get you all exhausted and frustrated.

Worse, it can put an end to your business.

This is why you need a dispatcher who can schedule service calls and bridge the gaps between the drivers and clients. In addition to maintaining a connection, dispatchers also help you keep all the records and ensure everything is accounted for and recorded.

The role of the dispatcher doesn’t end here. It is the responsibility of the dispatcher to ensure all the employees meet their demands and succeed in providing the needed deliverables.

If everything is not in place, it might affect the deliverability and impact the reputation of the business, putting the venture at risk.

Now, you might be wondering where to find the right dispatcher for your trucking business. Well, we have a solution for you – Dispatcher360.

Dispatcher360 For Drivers And Trucking Companies

Dispatcher360 For Drivers And Trucking Companies

Dispatcher360 is popular exclusively for the transportation dispatch service and saves your time and money compared to in-house dispatchers.

Dispatcher helps the truckers find the top paying freight loads and negotiate with the clients for the highest rate. Once everything is settled down, it is informed to the drivers for the final decisions.

There are many reasons why Dispatcher360 became the industry leader. However, out of many things they offer, the best part of their services is that they offer their helping hands to the truck drivers with moving the freight safely.

In addition, they offer the right tools to keep trucks loaded and profitable. You do not have to take on any calls or talk with the clients. Just focus on driving the truck safely without any worries.

You must understand that a dedicated dispatcher is assigned to every transaction and plays an important role in maintaining relationships. They know your transportation business intimately and always look out for your business.

Why Dispatcher360

Why Dispatcher360
  • Certified Dispatcher: Yes, you are not talking with just anyone on the phone. Dispatcher360 is professional to the core. They have only certified dispatchers and are well trained in what the job requires.
  • Negotiate For The Best Price: One of the biggest hurdles in the trucking business is to get the best price for your service. Sometimes, you might have to work even if the pay is low. However, if you’re working with Dispatcher360, you can rest assured to get the right price for your service. The agency tries to negotiate with the client for the best price once the price is finalized. It is sent to the drivers for the final decision.
  • Careful With The Loading process: Dispatcher360 comes with a team of professional loaders. Yes, you do not have to do anything but drive. Dispatcher360 helps the drivers and trucking companies with loading and unloading. The best part is that the loaders are certified professionals and know what is expected.
  • Employ More Than 50+ Dispatchers: Dispatcher360 has the capacity to employ more than 50 truckers at any given time. That means you do not have to wait long for your next delivery.
  • Multiple Shifts To Solve Issues 24*7: Dispatcher360 offers 24*7 service to ensure every delivery is made on time without any delays. In addition, a dispatcher is always in contact with you and the client to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Have Managers Monitor Each Employee: Every employee gets their own manager who helps bridge the gap between you and the client. This ensures that you focus on your driving and keeping goods and yourself safe while the manager is dealing with all the paperwork and coordination.

How Does Dispatcher360 Work?

Step 1: Choose The Right Plan

Choosing the right plan is important. Dispatcher360 offers different plans for different needs. You can, through the plan, choose the one that meets your requirement and move on with the operation.

Step 2: Sign The General Agreement

Dispatcher360 boasts about its fairness in the business and expects the same from the drivers. This is why before an operation is executed, a general agreement is made to seal the deal.

Step 3: Exchange Information

Once the deal is finalized, all the information and agreement are uploaded to the database. The information can be accessed and reviewed. In addition, every driver gets the manager for easy problem solving along with the operation.

Step 4: Book The Loads

Loads are dispatched after considering the requirements, and the drivers are called for confirmation. Finally, all information is stored in the database and conveyed to the folders for your access and review.

Step 5: Invoices Are Generated After The Loads Are Booked

Dispatcher360 focuses on generating weekly gross revenue and sends the invoice the following week. The commission you receive is as per your plan for your booked loads. No loads, no pay, as simple as that.


The success of any business comes down to keeping your customers happy. Hence, you need to prioritize and ensure everything is smooth sailing.

Though we can meet all these requirements, doing everything by yourself can prevent your business from expanding.

Coordinating with the best dispatching agency in your area will help you complete the task easily and give you the peace of mind you need.

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