Why You Need Vacation Rental Housekeeping Software for Your Business

by Technology 19 November 2021

Vacation Rental Housekeeping Software

Making the decision to rent out a vacation property, especially if you’re in a hot market, can be a rather exciting venture with incredible growth potential.

The vacation rental industry is believed to be worth over $190 billion with many property owners turning to the business for extra income. However, many owners soon realize that to be successful in this industry, there’s more to just placing their property on a listing site like Airbnb or Booking.com

Cleanliness, for one, is a major issue for travelers who prefer vacation rentals as a homely alternative to hotels. Some of the most common reasons behind client dissatisfaction borders around cleanliness.

As a property owner, you need to consider the value of professional cleaning for your rental property. But many property owners view their vacation rental business as a side-hustle. This makes it very hard for them to meet guest expectations in regards to cleanliness.

Fortunately, with the vacation rental industry exploding over the years, there are software and tools property owners can use to stay on top of rental property cleaning tasks. Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits vacation rental owners can expect from vacation rental housekeeping software.

1. Easy Communications

1. Easy Communications

Vacation rental housekeeping technology can facilitate easy communications between you and your cleaning team. For instance, they can receive push notifications on their phones about vacancy notifications and appointment updates. This will make their work process a lot easier so they can make sure your property is as clean as required for your guests.

2. Manage Your Cleaning Staff

As highlighted earlier in this article, most vacation rental owners are in the business as a side-hustle. That means they may not always be present while the cleaning team is doing their job.

But with housekeeping software, you can manage your team with ease remotely. You can outline tasks and expectations for them. Some software allows users to provide feedback on areas where the cleaning staff could do with some improvements.

3. Consolidate Cleaning Tasks in One Space

With many vacation rental property owners being engaged in their main jobs across the day, managing the property can be difficult. However, housekeeping software can allow you to consolidate all housekeeping tasks so you can easily make schedules such as bookings and communicate with your team, especially in cases of last-minute bookings.

4. Keep Up With Inventory

Keep Up With Inventory

Some housekeeping software comes equipped with inventory management technology that makes it easy for property owners to keep up with inventory. Rather than go through everything by hand, the automated system will let you know what you have in stock so you can manage the items you have on your property.

The software can also send prompts or notifications to remind you to replenish your stock when you’re running low.

Vacation Rental Housekeeping Software Is Important for Business

As the vacation, rental industry changes, so do property owners who need technological solutions that innovate with the industry. To make a profit as a vacation rental owner, you need to involve yourself in a set of overwhelming, complex processes. But with vacation rental housekeeping software, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Essentially, all these primary functions of the software, as listed in this article, revolve around increasing bookings and making those bookings easy to manage.

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