Things to consider before choosing the ideal SEO Company for you

by Business Planning 25 September 2018

ideal SEO Company

SEO strategies can be overwhelming to handle on your own, especially for businesses without the expertise in matters optimization. It is therefore understandable that a company would seek the services of an SEO company to help in executing the optimization strategies over a particular period.

Like you would choose other service providers for other operational matters of a business, there is a need to maintain alertness when selecting an ideal SEO company to hire. The following are some of the essential things you must account for before choosing the perfect SEO company for your brand:

Consider the creativity and innovation:

The practice of SEO is one that has evolved, and more changes are always anticipated with the improvements in technology. Even though the standards of SEO have remained pretty much the same over the years, it is the creativity and innovation capabilities of a website owner that make the difference between a successful SEO campaign and one that fails.

In this case, the SEO company you intend to hire must present evidence of creativity and innovation, to figure out newer approaches of addressing the everyday practices of SEO. for example, in content creation, they must employ originality, uniqueness, and variety, all of which are embedded on the factor of creativity.

Command and presence in social media:

Social media plays a vital role in the practice of SEO. Ideally, if the company you are hiring is new to social media, you are compromising that aspect of SEO that has the potential to boost your traffic flow by up to 50%.

How many social media platforms are they on? How many followers do they have? Check out their social media profiles, keenly watching how they keep their audience engaged, the frequency they post and the nature of their messages. The more dominant their presence is, the more command they have over social media audiences, including influence.

Quality versus quantity:

Both quality and quantity matter in the field of SEO, but there should be a balance between the two, and if anything, quality should always domineer. By going through their portfolio, website and social media accounts, you should pinpoint incidences of quality.

As to matters content, gauge the quality as concerns diversity, relevance, timely and up-to-dateness. The traffic flow they receive should also tell you a thing or two on the quality of their material. Further, determine the frequency of posting content, and the rate at which they receive positive responses from their audience.

Customer service:

For any service provider you employ, you always want to check for customer service for when you need their assistance. In this case, it is mainly of the essence because their customer service will also reflect on yours when dealing with your target audience. If you follow the stats on, you will notice that customer satisfaction has a significant role to play on your SERP.

Check out their website and social media platforms, specifically in the comment section, reviews and shares. The higher the conversation and interaction they have previously had with their audience, the more assured you can be that they will have a positive impact on your audience engagement.

Portfolio and testimonials:

Social validation is not just a relevant concept in social media. The company you hire must have a portfolio that speaks for itself, presenting evidence of any of the previous work they have successfully done.

Testimonials, on the other hand, give you a direct opinion of what other clients in your position have received from the SEO company in question. The portfolio and testimonials are proof of their reputation over time, be keen to check whether they have been involved in scandals of copyright, plagiarism or spam.

SEO tools they use:

Finally, the practice of SEO cannot be completed without a couple of SEO tools. Typically, the common SEO tools may be easy to use even for beginners, for example, Google Analytics, but other SEO tools are a favorite only to the experts.

Finding out which SEO tools they use will give you a glimpse of what to expect in their delivery, by highlighting the level of expertise and skillfulness they have in using different SEO tools. Further, with such SEO tools you can determine the dimension they handle your optimization needs.

Bottom line, the SEO company you hire must have a proper grasp on what your brand is about, your brand identity, and main brand goals, to suitably deliver on their course of SEO for your business.

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