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A neon light sign is an electric sign made from neon gas. It begins to light when electricity flows through the neon gas. The use of neon signs has been happening for a very long time. Bars and cafes have been using neon signs to light up and decorate their place. It also helps in the advertisement of a business. But now, people are using them for their home or office as well. You can also find modern LED neon signs for your space.

You can also give a gorgeous neon sign as a gift to your friends, family, wife, girlfriend, and any other person. In this article, we will talk about neon gift signs ideas. You can also check the Tokyo Store Neon Signs of Echo Neon are always perfect for gifting options:

LED Neon Lights Are Great Selection For Gifting

LED neon signs are the perfect gift to give someone as it has multiple uses. First, you can install a neon sign in your home. It can instantly brighten and add colors to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, gaming room, house party, and more. Then, you can use neon gifts for your business of restaurant, bar, club, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, etc.

You can also give a neon sign to someone on their birthday or wedding. Online neon stores like Echo Neon are selling the best quality neon gift signs in Australia.

Custom Made Neon Sign For Gifting

Custom Made Neon Sign For Gifting

You can also gift the custom neon signs to someone. In customization, you can create a creative neon sign any way you like. You can pick any color, size, and font for the custom sign. These are used to add a colorful glow to your homes, businesses, and events.

You can use any text, logo, and image for your custom neon sign. If you are not able to choose a pre-designed sign, you can customize a neon sign. You can customize a neon sign at an affordable price from an online neon sign maker.

Why Are LED Neon Signs The Perfect Gift?

Why Are LED Neon Signs The Perfect Gift?

There are many reasons why LED neon signs are great gifts. You will receive many benefits after using these signs. Below you can check the advantages of the neon sign:

1. Safe To Use

Anyone can use a LED neon sign as it is safe. You can use this neon light on any occasion without any worry. LED neon signs do not contain hazardous gas, and they are made by combining LED lights and PVC tubing. So they are better than the traditional glass neon signs.

2. Great Visibility

A neon sign provides excellent visibility to the people. That is the reason you can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. If you place a neon sign outside your business location, people can notice it from a long distance. Neon signs are also best to use as night lights.

3. Attract Customers

A neon sign is also perfect for advertising purposes. You can use a custom sign of your business name or logo. It will help to attract customers to your business location. So, you can gift a business neon to someone.

4. Easy Installation

The LED neon signs are much easier to install in any space. It comes with a contour-cut acrylic-made backing that also contains pre-drilled holes. So you can hang or mount the neon sign easily on the wall of your home or any other space.

5. Energy Saving

A LED neon sign saves more energy than other types of lighting. It uses less energy than traditional neon signs. So, LED neon signs are energy efficient and also eco-friendly. You can enjoy great lighting with LED signs without harming the environment.

Ideas For Gifting Neon Sign

Various categories of neon gifts these neon signs are all available at online neon shops like the Echo Neon. Below, we have mentioned the Tokyo Store neon signs from Echo Neon that are perfect for gifting:


These are very inspiring neon signs that display the text ‘Freedom.’ It will remind you to live free. You can install a Freedom sign in your home, shop, or event.

Gundam Neon Sign

It is exciting neon signs are inspired by the anime series named Gundam. This neon sign comes in the shape of a Gundam helmet in purple color. It is best to use at home, at a birthday party, or man cave.

 MOON Neon Sign

It comes in the shape of a crescent moon that glows in bright white light. You can use this sign in your bedroom or living room. It is best to use as a night light as well.

Aesthetic Face Neon Sign

If someone loves aesthetic stuff, then you can gift these neon signs to them. Aesthetic face neon sign comes in the facial silhouette design. This neon style is stylish and beautiful.

Wrapping It Up:

The leaf-shaped neon signs and signboards are now the latest trends in the market. If you want to go for some innovative neon signboards, you can also go for the leaf-shaped neon lights. Many customization options are also available for neon signboards. So do explore the different designs and select your perfect neon signs gift.

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