Use These Chiropractic Marketing Ideas and Stop Bending Over Backwards For New Patients

by Marketing Published on: 26 February 2019 Last Updated on: 22 August 2023

chiropractic marketing ideas

With the average small business now set to spend around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, lots of companies are bending over backward for new patients. However, as competition heats up, plenty of your competitors are still dedicated to doing things the old way. If you’re willing to engage in some chiropractic marketing ideas that are cutting-edge and modern, you’ll be able to offer value to both new and old clients.

Here are four ways to get new clients and get your old clients to stay engaged with you.

1. Get Social

If you’re not on every single social media channel out there, it’s time to make the jump and make yourself known. An increasing number of brands use social media to connect with their audience and it’s been a successful way for consumers to feel connected as well. There are ways for brands to be sincere and honest with their customers while engaging in this useful marketing strategy.

Social media is also a low-cost way of engaging with an audience. You don’t have to spend money to join social media sites, but you do have to give it time. A social media presence that’s engaging and that people want to interact with takes a long time to build like any relationship of trust.

Create your account and then start following other people on the network. Start engaging with people who’ve been dedicated to you in the past. If you find competitors or other companies that you like on the network, pay attention to how they interact with their customers before you start interacting.

Look at the way you’d improve on what they’ve done, how you feel they’ve made mistakes, and what you’d do differently. Also, pay attention to the ways they’ve succeeded and try to follow their lead in that respect.

2. Be Mobile-First

In recent years, mobile browsing figures finally surpassed the number of people using desktops and laptops. That means that if you’re not prepared to look your best on smartphones and tablets, you’re far behind. You need to be where your audience is and so you need to prepare for this mobile-friendly future.

If your site loads too slowly or needs to be stretched or scaled on a mobile device, then you’re behind the competition. Your site should load quickly, give your customers all the information they need, and offer the same content on every device.

If you’re just starting your chiropractic site or about to refresh your online presence with a new website, design it to be mobile-first. While you might think that mobile devices are just for ordering car service and takeout, soon enough, more people are going to rely on their phones for medical service. This means that you’ll need to be a step ahead of the rush for the attention of mobile audiences.

A mobile-first website is much easier to adapt for desktops than vice versa. If you want to make life easier and prepare for the future of the industry, design for mobile.

3. Start a Blog

Search engines are vital to the importance of getting the word out about what you do and the services you can offer. As an increasing number of people are searching for medical or health-related issues online before visiting a doctor, blogs are playing a huge role in medicine. Just look at this article by the Inner Balance Institute for how medical services are blogging to interact with their clients and patients.

Search engines give a higher rank to sites that are updated frequently. However, updating your list of products and services isn’t going to happen all that often. However, if you have a blog that’s connected to your URL, you’ll be able to rank highly on search engines.

Additionally, when people use a search engine, they’re either looking for a specific service or the answer to a question. When you write a blog post, you get the chance to answer your clients’ most pertinent questions with your services as the solution they’re looking for. A blog provides you with a way to show your patients who you are and what you care about in a sincere way.

You also get to give them a peek behind the curtain to see how your business works or who you are as a chiropractic professional. No two practices are the same and you have the chance to differentiate yourself with the help of your blog.

4. Use Your Emails Wisely

While you might think that people ignore emails or that your emails are going to end up in their spam folder, that’s not necessarily true. While you shouldn’t inundate your customers and clients with unnecessary emails, they’re a useful way to interact with your customers.

If you’re always offering value to your customers and clients, they won’t ignore your emails. Write one weekly email with one of your best blog posts and occasionally offer some referral bonuses. Give them a free service, a discount, or a gift card in exchange for their referral.

Run contests for images of their best and worst back habits or desk chairs. The one with the worst desk chair gets to win a gift certificate for an orthopedic chair. If you’re regularly offering value to your clients, they’ll read your emails, which is a vital marketing opportunity when you have new products and services.

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas Don’t Have to Be Back-breaking

Just because you’re engaging with some new chiropractic marketing ideas doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to do a lot more work. In fact, if you’re spending too much time designing ads or drafting mailers, you could save that time and energy with some solid digital marketing efforts.

Once you get your new clients in, make sure you’ve followed our guide to improving employee morale to share positive vibes with your clients.

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