5 Business Services That Should Be Perfectly Tailored To Your Company Needs

by Business Published on: 24 March 2021 Last Updated on: 23 May 2023

Business Services

One-size-fits-most works for some things. Hats. Scarves. Towels. But it’s not the best solution for many of the services you rely on to sustain and grow your business.

What’s wrong with generic solutions? To begin with, they’re… well… generic. That means they’ve been tailored to meet the average company’s needs. The more your organization grows from average, the less these solutions will be of any help.

In fact, generalized services can be detrimental to your future plans and vision because they put artificial limitations on everyone. It’s hard to scale when you’re relying on a solution like a cloud-based SaaS that doesn’t align with your goals.

Fortunately, you have options beyond the ones designed for the mainstream business. (And do those really exist?) All you have to do is tailor certain solutions to fit your company’s needs.

Below are a few types of services that won’t help you as much if you simply use them right off the shelf. Instead, they should always be tweaked to give your team a decided advantage.

Corporate Benefits:

You’re interested in bringing benefits to your people. Bravo—your employees will appreciate having choices. However, you’ll need to figure out which benefits make the most sense based on your corporate mission, culture, and structure.

Let’s talk retirement packages for starters. Are you planning to offer vehicles like 401ks with matching contributions? If so, you’ll want to partner with the right small business 401k provider. Retirement vehicles like Roth 401ks can be set up in a variety of ways. Consider your options to find one that works for staffers and your bottom line agreements.

What else should you personalize in terms of personnel perks? Healthcare packages paid time off policies, and employee student loan compensation are all great places to start. The more tailor-made your benefits are, the more you can be sure team members will use and appreciate them.

Project Management Software:

Project Management Software

Many teams rely on project management software to keep projects and tasks moving seamlessly through workflow pipelines. Nevertheless, choosing a project management solution that will work for everyone can be a bit harrowing. Which one is the perfect fit? To be honest, it’s probably the one that gives you the most freedom to customize.

What’s the advantage of being able to make changes? First of all, your company’s needs are going to evolve. If your project management solution stays stagnant, you’ll start to feel like it’s less and less valuable. Your team will, too. Over time, they’ll either stop using it or begin to develop patches and workarounds.

When you’re evaluating project management systems, think about the future. Anticipate that you’ll need flexibility. Otherwise, you could quickly outgrow a platform with limited individualization capabilities.

Customer Service Solutions:

You appreciate your customers. Without them, you wouldn’t be in business. Consequently, you want to support them with top-notch service that they can’t get from the competition. In other words, you need custom-developed support options and platforms.

For example, maybe you want to make it simpler for customers with questions to find answers themselves. Enter an AI-enhanced chatbot. Additionally, your team might want the choice to communicate with customers through multiple channels without moving from portal to portal. That’s possible with the right software or integration.

Sit down with your team and map out the customer support journeys you plan to offer the public. Once you have a sketch of your roadmap, use it to source the right service solutions. In no time, you’ll have a tailor-constructed support approach that’s unique to your company. Consider important tools like consent management platforms. When it comes to keeping up with regulations and compliance, a consent management platform can help.

IT Support:

It’s tough to operate a business these days without having any kind of IT support. Yet for most small businesses, staffing an IT department is out of the picture financially. That’s where outsourcing comes into play. Yet, outsourcing IT requires consideration, because your IT needs will differ from another organization’s.

Consider the industry you’re in. Many verticals have regulations in terms of expectations regarding the collection and protection of customer data. (HIPAA laws come to mind.) If your IT solution doesn’t match up with regulatory needs, you could end up in serious hot water.

Even if you’re not working in a regulated field, you’ll still want individualized IT support. Perhaps your workforce has moved to telecommuting all or most days of the week.

What do you need from an IT solution to keep everyone secure and connected? What type of ticketing process will work for problem-solving? These are all questions to answer before signing with any IT provider.

Marketing Service Providers:

Marketers have tons of choices when it comes to software and portals. There are ones that automatically deploy pre-programmed campaigns to leads. There are others that conduct social listening. There are even bot-assisted programs that generate copy for online advertisements.

With so many marketing service possibilities at your fingertips, you may find yourself dabbling in a few. Just be cautious and make sure you’re taking full advantage of any system you use. Many marketers only use a small percentage of the tools at their disposal. Plus, they may not like certain tools because of unfriendly interfaces.

Every quarter or six months, revisit the marketing services and software your company uses. Does it still match your needs? Is there a better product out there that could consolidate your information and make processes more efficient?

Your objective isn’t to switch marketing platforms regularly, of course. But stay open to the idea that a ready-made solution might not be the right product for your team. You might need to innovate by leveraging several tools to realize your marketing goals.

Out-of-the-box thinking is good. Out-of-the-box service solutions? Not so much. Whenever you can, customize your business services. You’ll enjoy improved results and get more ROI from the investment dollars you spend.

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