How To Create A PR Campaign For A Technology Start-Up: By Experts

by Starting a Business 01 July 2021

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Look around you. Start-ups are emerging by the dozens.

Thousands of new companies are founded and hundreds of them perish away within a few months. Every rising entrepreneur feels that they have the best idea going around.

However, not every idea sees the light of day. Clients find some tech start-ups to be too weird to engage with, while investors feel that the idea is too niche to ever become profitable.

At the heart of the story is the problem of understanding and perception. This is where a technology pr agency can emerge as a shining beacon of hope!

In this article, we look at why tech start-ups need to engage with effective and result-oriented PR agencies and strategies.

Should Tech Start-Ups Hire PR Firms?

The simple answer to this question is Yes!

Like any different company out there, tech start-ups suffer from the following issues-

  • They need to build awareness and improve visibility for their new company.
  • Make the target audiences understand what their tech offering is all about.
  • Fight with other competitors in their operating niche and industry.
  • Find cost-effective ways to promote themselves fighting against high costs.

Many tech start-ups believe that bringing everything in-house can help them manage all the promotions more effectively. However, that is not true. Proper care and attention need to be paid to creating awareness and credibility.

The founders of tech start-ups need to ensure that they are focussing all of their energy on improving the product, that is the tech offering. Other things should be left to the expertise of great PR agencies.

Creating an Effective PR Campaign for a Tech Start-Up: 5 Things to Note

1. What do you want to promote in front of the audience?

The first thing is asking yourself this question and moving forward from here. As a tech start-up, you cannot promote ten things at one go. You need one conversation and communication to go to your target audiences. This can be about your company, what it aims to do and how it wants to change things. Or, it could be about the features of your product. Remember, one thing!

2. Delineate your Target Audiences- 

2. Delineate your Target Audiences- 


You cannot appeal to every person out there. You need to create a buyer’s persona. It should be based on what your tech company’s target is- B2C or B2B. Following this, you need to go as specific as possible. This will prevent wastage of resources and allow you to communicate and engage with exact people and companies who would be interested in your product/service.

3. Know what Channels you have to use- 

3. Know what Channels you have to use- 

There are 10 different social media channels. Should you be present on all of them? No! this is why you need to take stock of where you belong in the industry and more importantly, where do your target audiences hang out. Limiting the channels will allow you to focus more on the breadth. This is something that a tech start-up needs more than a fashion or food brand.

4. Create a Healthy Press and Publication Community- 

4. Create a Healthy Press and Publication Community- 

Tech is very different from any other industry. There is a strong sense of community here. Your PR efforts should appeal to the community and the opinion makers. Influencers, publications, and forums that are specific to your niche need to be targeted. Every communication you make should have the desired outcome. This will prove your commitment to the niche.

5. Track, Measure, and Record your ROIs- 

When you are pursuing a PR strategy, you need to ensure that you are aware of its workings. This is why it is essential that you track and measure every detail that emerges from any engagement you make. With limited resources, you might have to opt for a course correction midway if the strategy is not delivering. This is the hallmark of good PR- its measurable quality.

The Bottom Line

Tech start-ups need PR just as any other company does. However, the functions and approaches are vastly different from other niches. By following the fundamentals and ensuring you stick to your target audiences, you will start seeing returns on your strategy. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions regarding PR for tech-start-ups.

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