What You Can Learn from These Successful Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

by Marketing 28 October 2021

Guerilla Marketing

The concept of guerilla marketing was first conceived by Jay Conrad Levinson back in 1984. It is still a very effective concept to this day.

Some people might think that guerilla marketing is not as important as it once was, since digital marketing has helped improve the ROI of marketing strategies. Nothing could be further from the truth! The concept of guerilla marketing can be applied both online and offline to get the best possible ROI.

There are many possible approaches to guerilla marketing, such as using personalized promotional pens and pencils. The trick is to get creative.

When you have a small budget and some ambitious medium-term objectives that you need to meet, you cannot “hide” behind various excuses to stop growing as a company. That is what guerrilla marketing is all about. Companies use guerilla marketing tactics to help themselves become more visible by using groundbreaking and spectacular messages and arguments, both in substance and form.

It goes without saying that not everyone is good at guerrilla marketing. I have seen entrepreneurs literally trembling before recording a necessary video to make themselves known on the Internet and give up the attempt.

I have also seen companies that understood that guerrilla marketing was not very serious and that it questioned their corporate reputation. In the end, if you want to be visible you have to show yourself. This seems obvious but not everyone is willing to do it.

Since I am sure that many of the followers and readers of this blog want to launch their project with sustained investment, I have provided a summary of the most groundbreaking and effective guerrilla marketing and advertising campaigns. The purpose of this list is to show you a possible way forward. When investment is scarce, it’s time to get creative and differentiate your company by showing ingenuity.

Since I am sure that many people reading this article want to launch their project without having to make a substantial investment, I offer below a summary of the most groundbreaking and effective guerrilla marketing and advertising campaigns. The purpose is to show you a possible way forward.

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Coca Cola freezes Christmas

When it’s cold, it’s better to take shelter and urban furniture can help us to do so. They shared an example of a bus stop “customized” by Coca-Cola that helps people wrap themselves in an icy atmosphere and transports them to that nostalgic feeling that the brand wants to transmit, and it succeeds!

Seoul is green

Urban transport is one of the means most used by companies to amaze or impact with their messages. Putting a vinyl can be a good tool to achieve that impact and make it viral. This is how Seoul’s tourism managers understood it, as they wanted to convey the image of a clean and sustainable city. Vinyl on the floor of a subway car worked the miracle. I think it looked great. This was part of a great initiative to try showing how it was on pace to become one of the greenest cities.

Tyskie bets on unexpected spaces

We should not think that all guerrilla campaigns should be based on renting out expensive public spaces. Once again, imagination is power. A simple glass door with an original doorknob can serve as the basis for one of the best guerrilla displays in a simple format.

Colgate uses sugar with a lot of ingenuity

Chocolate, vanilla, and sugar are all wonderful ingredients that can be combined to become a bomb for the palate, while also a danger for the teeth. Colgate knows this, and what better way to harness its strength than to ally itself with the enemy? The toothbrush and toothpaste brand came up with an original system to remind its customers that after having ice cream, it would be great if they used their toothbrushes.

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Gastronomic marketing also uses guerrilla marketing

Gastronomic marketing also uses guerrilla marketing

Why can’t a tie be turned into ready-to-eat spaghetti? That’s what the marketing managers of a famous Italian pasta company must have thought, taking advantage of the characteristics of a tie line to promote the quality of their product. Strong but at the same time flexible and as long as you want it to be. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Tipex paints zebra crossings

If you’re a brand that’s all about erasing mistakes on a piece of paper you have to show that you’re strong and confident enough to your consumer. That’s what the guys at Typex must have thought when they came up with the idea of putting a giant-sized jar of their product next to some crosswalks. The result was incredible and the campaign was a success in terms of brand recall.

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