Why Is Call Tracking So Valuable For Running A Business?

by Business Intelligence 18 March 2023

Call Tracking

As your marketing campaigns — web, mobile, TV, and print — generate callers, it’s imperative to know where they came from and who they are before the phone starts ringing. With mere seconds to capture the caller’s attention before they turn their heads away, you must go the extra mile in delivering real-time customer insights to your sales reps.

Luckily, today’s call tracking solutions can help you with most, if not all, call-associated goals, including collecting extensive insights on your callers and driving them to the purchase.

  • Call tracking software — part of Phonexa’s all-encompassing Call Logic — dissects the customer journey from A to Z, unlocking valuable caller insights and transferring them to the best-fitting sales rep in real-time. Knowing your callers through and through maximizes your profits and builds trustful long-term relationships with your audiences.

Without a doubt, call tracking is a crucial marketing component for any call-reliant business, the one you can’t miss out on in the current technological realities.

Learn more about call tracking now to start revolutionizing your call-taking routine immediately.

What Is Call Tracking?

With good old over-the-phone conversations dominating the bottom of the sales funnel, call tracking remains the only option to prepare the sales rep for the call while learning more about your customers for strategic decisions.

  • Call tracking software assigns unique call tracking numbers to different traffic sources, making it possible to identify the marketing campaign, advertisement, and keywords that triggered the call.

The value of call tracking constantly grows, with the number of inbound calls to U.S. businesses increasing by around 10% a year. Likewise, phone calls bear a mind-blowing conversion rate of up to 50%, beating web interactions by unfathomable 15 times.

How Does Call Tracking Work? Step-by-Step Examination

Step 1. Assigning Call Tracking Phone Numbers to Your Traffic Channels

You acquire leads from several digital sources — landing pages, blogs, social media, etc. — and maybe traditional TV and print media while assigning unique phone numbers to each source. Telephone call tracking software uses these numbers to identify what leads came to you from what channel. As simple as that.

However, there’s a substantial difference between phone tracking numbers for traditional and digital marketing channels:

  • For traditional marketing channels, you can only use static numbers that won’t change from one caller to another.
  • For digital marketing channels, you can use dynamic numbers that are unique for every caller. Dynamic numbers will route callers to the required destination — likely your sales rep — based on how exactly the call was triggered and other call parameters.

The feature of dynamic call tracking numbers to change for every caller while routing callers where you need them is called dynamic number insertion (DNI). The rule of thumb is that you need one dynamic number for 100 daily visits.

Local vs. International Telephone Tracking Numbers

Depending on the reach of your campaign, you may need local or international phone tracking numbers (remember, for your online traffic sources, all numbers will be dynamic):

  • Local call tracking numbers are perfect for local campaigns, such as promoting your brick-and-mortar store in a particular city. Local numbers may seem inferior to their international counterparts: “shouldn’t I just go global in the first place?” Still, the truth is that every three in four customers would choose a local brand (with a local phone number) over an international one.
  • International call tracking numbers are perfect for global campaigns aimed at heterogeneous audiences from multiple countries. However, using them for local campaigns makes no sense.

To stand apart from the competition, you should go beyond local or international numbers: vanity numbers. These easy-to-remember numbers can become the centerpiece of your call campaigns, for they instantly imprint your name or idea into the caller’s mind.

  • From serious 1-800-Go-Fedex to ridiculous 800-Dog-Pop, vanity numbers have become the calling card of many successful brands, and you can repeat their success. The recipe is this: think about expressing your brand’s vision in short (and possibly witty) wording.

Last but not least, remember that all inbound calls must be free for callers, meaning you must use toll-free call numbers. The truth is that no matter how much people love you, they won’t be happy if having to pay for calls.

Step 2. Accompanying the Caller to Your Sales Rep

Once the caller dials your call tracking number, the data collection starts.

At this stage, you can track the following:

  • Marketing data: the traffic channel, ad, and keywords that triggered the call.
  • The caller’s demographics: location, history of purchases, whether the caller is recurrent, etc.

There are two possible scenarios for call routing: with or without interactive voice response (IVR). A well-designed IVR system can qualify call leads, collect their personal information, and automatically connect them to a matching sales rep.

As you might have guessed, call tracking software is rarely an isolated tool but rather part of a CRM or lead management system, which allows synergizing call tracking, distribution, and analytics for the best result. A one coherent lead management system is usually better than several different tools that you desperately try to integrate and align.

Step 3. Converting the Caller

As the caller approaches the pinnacle of the sales funnel – a conversion attempt – you already know who they are and why they call you, getting an unfair advantage in the fight for the customer.

But that’s not all! Call tracking software will record the call, so you can get back to it whenever you need reassessment or for any other reason. Likewise, integrated with analytics software, call tracking enables in-depth post-call analysis that benefits your business.

Why Use Call Tracking? Top 5 Reasons To Integrate Call Tracking Into Your CRM Platform

1. Quality of Service

Even the most basic call tracking system will improve the quality of your service dramatically, speeding up the customer journey and contributing to the accuracy of lead distribution. Tracking calls eliminates the guesswork in favor of data-driven decisions across your marketing campaigns and during the call.

2. Scalability

For today’s call tracking service, it doesn’t matter whether to track a single or dozens of calls simultaneously. You don’t have to tweak your call tracking tools as your customer base grows, which is quite convenient. Set up your call tracking platform once, and you’re good to go whatever the market conditions are while flexible to the changes.

3. Sales

The better your sales reps know the subject, the greater the conversion chance (duh). By providing your sales agents with caller insights BEFORE the call – this is what inbound call tracking software does best – you make them the boss of the conversation. The difference is as big as talking to a friend versus a stranger.

4. Customer Support

A fair share of calls will be routed to your customer support representatives, who also bear some sales power. Instantly solving a customer’s request versus being unable to help is the difference between winning and losing the customer.

5. SEO

As distant as SEO may seem from call tracking, these two intertwine. Call tracking highlights the keyword that triggered the call, allowing you to identify your most and least profitable keywords. Then you can double down on what brings you profit and eliminate what drags you down.

Call Tracking Is a Must in the Ever-toughening Fight for Customer Attention

With the human attention span hovering around a too-quick-for-business eight seconds, you must cherish the caller you get, analyzing them through and through to improve their journey and your business all around. Call tracking software shines in this regard, uncovering valuable customer data while helping you drive your callers toward the purchase.

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