Sales and Call Tracking: How Monitoring Calls Can Improve Profits

by Technology Published on: 16 April 2018 Last Updated on: 20 September 2018

Call Tracking

Regardless of whether your potential customers want to learn more about your products and services, or your existing clients have an urgent problem that needs a solution, every call that comes into your business is of utmost importance. However, numerous businesses and companies fail to utilize this effective form of communication, despite knowing the benefits of monitoring business calls.

What is a Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring is the act of listening to live or previously recorded business calls to:

  • assess the performance of their call representatives
  • convert leads into customers
  • develop new marketing or support strategies
  • increase their sales.

All calls that a business receives are collected and prepared for review. The business uses the information collected from calls for the benefit of the company. Call monitoring aims to help businesses increase the productivity of their marketing efforts.

Reasons Why You Need Call Monitoring :

 1. Improve your team’s performance :

Most companies use call monitoring to track and assess their team’s performance. With call monitoring, a business can listen in on customer phone calls and find out how their team is interacting with customers.

It’s important to teach your team how to interact with existing and potential customers on the phone. Keep in mind that you have a big chance of converting a lead into a buying customer over the phone. So you might want to use call monitoring to teach your team how to talk and communicate properly over the phone.

2. Figure out how many calls you’ve missed :

Missing one phone call may not seem to be a big deal, but what if that phone call came from a very important client or customer who wants to place a big order? Failing to answer customer phone calls can have a significant impact on your sales and profits. It also affects the quality of your customer service and the overall reputation of your business.

This is why it’s crucial to introduce call monitoring to your business operations so you’ll be able to track how many calls you’ve missed and at what specific times these calls were not answered. You can then use this information to devise a strategy that will allow you never to miss these crucial calls again.

3. Deal with customer complaints effectively :

Your customer service team that is assigned to listen in and resolve complaints don’t always have a good time. They sometimes have to listen to very negative phone calls. Call monitoring, however, helps your customer service team to deal with demanding customers properly. You should be able to listen in on the call properly and find out what was really said, so you and your team can work on an accurate and amicable solution.

 4. Gather in-depth customer information :

Most of the time, a customer service representative doesn’t really know who the person is on the other end of the line. Without customer information, it is hard for your team to deal with and answer inquiries correctly. Call monitoring, however, allows you to identify who the person is on the other end of the line, where are they calling from, or what type of device they are using to call you.

How Call Monitoring Improves Your Business Profits?

A lot of business have already benefited from properly incorporating call monitoring into their operations. Call monitoring helps companies gain accurate information about how well their marketing efforts are performing.

Here are a couple of ways call monitoring helps improve your business profits.

  • Increased productivity. By monitoring calls, you’ll be able to assess the performance of your team to find ways to improve productivity during calls. For instance, simple questions are monitored to decrease the amount of time spent on the call, which creates more time for other customer queries to be answered.
    Increased productivity
  • Quality control. Call monitoring also helps businesses to monitor the quality of the calls and the level of customer service they were able to provide to their clients. If your clients or customers were very fond of your customer service, they should keep coming back to you, which in turn, increases your profits.
  • Improves relationships with your existing clients or customers. Improving relationships with your current clients or customers is a key factor in increasing your business profits. With call monitoring, both your business’ overall productivity and call quality will improve, which will reflect how your customers react towards your company. As your customer relationship improves, your business’ retention rate will also increase, which translates to more sales and profits.
  • Higher call volumes. As your team sees improved productivity levels, they should be able to answer more customer calls per day, which can result in more sales and profits.

Take Advantage of Call Monitoring to Increase Profits and More

Call monitoring is a fantastic feature that can help you improve your profits, team morale, and customer satisfaction rating. It also helps your business run at optimum efficiency. Without call monitoring, you won’t exactly know how to improve your marketing efforts and customer service. Call monitoring also helps you to train your team better on how to convert leads to customers over the phone, which translates to more sales and profits for your business.

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