6 Mistakes Newbies Must Avoid When Using Branding For Their Online Business

by Business Planning & Opportunities 14 December 2021


If you are a new entrepreneur in any type of industry, then you might have trouble setting yourself apart from the competition. How can you get customers through your door and choose your business over others in your similar niche?

To make yourself really stand out among the rest and show that you are dominant in the industry, you need to use online branding to your advantage. Especially if you are an online business – that doesn’t have any type of typical storefront – then using branding is the only way that you can demonstrate your business’ personality and ethos.

Let’s see a few mistakes that newbies need to avoid at all costs when it comes to marketing their new business so they can have a higher chance of success!

Not being consistent

Not being consistent

The first mistake that new business owners need to avoid at all costs is a lack of consistency. Business owners must keep their message the same across all platforms – if you send an email that is harsh and stern, but your social media pages are fluffy and nice, then customers may be curious as to who you really are. Be consistent with your messaging, marketing, and branding to see real success in your business.

Not being honest

If you lie to get customers through the odor, this might be a short-term fix – but it won’t last for a long time. Being truthful is the best thing that you can be with your business – you need to show that you trust your customers and they should trust you back. If you do not keep your messaging constant and define who you are as a business, customers are going to be confused as to your core values.

Not knowing the difference between sales vs. branding

Before you can be effective in your business, you need to know the real difference between branding and sales. Branding is the way in which you broadcast your business to customers in the world, whereas sales are the process of increasing your conversions or you can make more profit in the industry. Focusing on branding before sales is the best way to get customers through the door and build a dedicated client base.

Not knowing the importance of colors

Not knowing the importance of colors

The next mistake that new business owners need to avoid when it comes to their business strategy is not knowing the importance of colors and images. You need to know what color emote in the customers – red will be a more demanding and intense color, which can be good for “love” or “passion”, whereas blue is a more calming and outdoor-focused color.

Not having measurable goals

The next mistake that newbies need to avoid is not having measurable goals. You need to be able to create short-term and long-term goals that can be attainable – don’t just make blanket statements that are hard to follow. Make sure you have data-driven goals that are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Not being personable

Not being personable

You need to connect and contact your customs by using personable language. Avoid being harsh with your customers, and instead, build a personable relationship so you can build a dedicated client base.


Are you starting a business? If so, make sure you avoid these mistakes when it comes to using branding for your online business!

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