How To Turn Disappointment In Business Into Opportunity

by Business Planning & Opportunities 20 June 2017


Research outlines that more than half of new business establishments do not last beyond five years. You cannot deny that disappointment is, in fact, a risk to you as an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, the best business people do not allow setbacks to hinder them from reaching their goals.  In its place, they convert failures into the novel and better opportunities. Below are some steps you can use to turn the disappointments into opportunities.

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Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are always hard to take, but you can learn a lot from them. Highlighting the importance of learning from your mistakes posted on his site, entrepreneur Chris Niarchos draws attention to the example of chief executive Steve Jobs, the chief executive, and co-founder of Apple and the hockey puck that came in the 1990s from the company. This kit, which the users found uncomfortable and awkward to use, was disparaged as a failure as an example of style over substance, which ended up destroying Job’s and Apple’s reputations.

However, undeterred, he had to learn from his mistakes, and he would never again prioritize the love of innovative designs superseding the need to deliver a usable and practical product. Several years after releasing the mouse, Apple, with Steve Jobs still the CEO, had to work at redeeming its status as the globe’s leading Tech Company when it brought the iPod, an embodiment of a balanced function and form.

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It has to feed your success desire

If everything was to come quickly in business, there is a risk that you will start getting complacent about your accomplishments. Conversely, when you face and overcome adversity, your successes will taste sweeter when it comes to business ventures. The vital aspect when you come across difficulties is not to allow negative emotions to take the lead. Instead, you need to focus and keep your head upon the goodness of feeling the achievement of your ambitions. On most occasions, the most ambitious and focused entrepreneurs are those who know how it feels like falling and picking themselves up, dusting off, and carrying on.

Be receptive to the right pieces of advice

Pride can work against you when you want to recover from a setback in business. Your ego might be hit big, and when individuals offer pieces of advice, you might feel as if acting on and listening to what they are telling you is a sign of personal shortcomings or weakness. In real sense, however, the ability to learn from other people with expertise in your industry and useful aspects to say is a crucial part of being a complete entrepreneur.

Take good care of yourself

Stress can quickly make you feel as if you are losing it and taking good care of yourself will make sure that you remain in control. You need to follow a daily routine of feeding and sleeping. You need to go into nature for walks. Look for friends who you can talk to for several times of the day. It is crucial to be kind to yourself even when negative thoughts are telling you to isolate yourself and hunker down. Avoiding snacks and alcohol is crucial as your system will not be in need of toxins. Find comfort in a healthy diet and avoid junk food.

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