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For years, Body-Borneman Insurance has been at the forefront of offering reliable, committed, and impressive car insurance services. Operating out of Boyertown, West Chester, Pottstown and Phoenixville, this Pennsylvania-based insurance company has an impressive track record for offering competitive rates. Representatives at Body-Borneman are there to help by removing the hassle and making sure the best option is available to their customers while they work with a large variety of honorable companies to get what’s right for each and every particular customer.

Why Choose Body-Borneman?

At Body-Borneman, there’s devotion at every turn. Agents at Body-Borneman are able to help you get the best form of car insurance that suits your needs. Having dealt with over 17,000 loyal customers in a 40-year span goes to show just how faithful these agents are when it comes to guaranteeing quality care, support, and service.

 Classic Car Insurance:

Body-BornemanIf collecting vintage, custom designed and or limited edition vehicles are your thing, then getting classic car insurance is right up your alley. Finding the right type of insurance for that old, mint-condition Mustang or that pristine 1950 Cadillac Debutante Concept car can be a real adventure, but it shouldn’t be daunting. In order to go about selecting classic car insurance, it is advisable first to go over some of the criteria to see if this type of car insurance is right for the vehicle(s) in question:

  • The automobile undergoing classic car insurance should not be the primary automobile of choice and is usually put at a 5000 mile per year cap.
  • Most insurers will only provide coverage to cars 15-25 years or older, depending on the state.
  • In order for a car to be considered “classic” it must fit into 1 of 3 of the following categories:

            -Veterans (manufactured in 1904 or earlier)

            -Edwardian (manufactured between 1905 and 1918)

            -Limited (rare, limited edition models)

  • Classic autos must be stored in highly protected garages or facilities
  • The driver/owner of the vehicle must be of a mature age to qualify for classic car insurance. When it comes to classic car insurance, insurers want seasoned, knowledgeable drivers. Experience is everything.

Agents at Body-Borneman will help ensure that classic car insurance is something a customer does in fact need, as this type of insurance is not for everyone. Find out more about Body-Borneman’s commendable classic car insurance policies.

GAP Insurance:

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In the event that you decide to lease a vehicle or buy a car with just a small down payment, you might want to think about purchasing GAP insurance. GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) insurance covers the gap, or difference, between what your vehicle is worth at cash value and how much you still have owed in terms of financing (lease, car loan, etc.). Although GAP insurance is often complicated and headache-inducing, acquiring GAP insurance is a true benefit for those with new cars. In the unlikely event that one’s brand new car got into an accident recently after leasing the vehicle, whereby the vehicle was rendered unrecognizable and totally damaged, the owner of that vehicle would have to pay a considerable amount to the insurer based on depreciation of the newly acquired vehicle. GAP insurance covers this unlikelihood and leaves the buyer in a secure position, unconcerned about potential damage.

Allow Body-Borneman to step in and take control of your GAP insurance needs, leaving you time to worry about what is most important to you. The representatives at Body-Borneman are committed to lowering the premiums as they discuss terms with the right kinds of car insurance companies. Body-Borneman are devoted to making sure that their clients are covered. Add GAP to your auto insurance bundle policy while there’s still time.

You can also find out more about GAP insurance and other policies available at Body-Borneman.

Auto Insurance Quotes:

A number of factors play into how auto insurance quotes in Pennsylvania are generated. Accepting the cheapest quote is often the biggest mistake most people make, which can come back to haunt them indefinitely. Let’s take a look at some of the different forms of eligibility and standards when shopping for the most suitable quote on auto insurance:

  • An urban setting often generates higher auto quotes than a rural one
  • The fewer the traffic violations or accidents the person in question looking for a quote has, the lower the premiums
  • The younger the driver, the higher the premiums
  • A discounted quote could be offered if one’s vehicle or garage has a genuine security system
  • Family insurance packages could be beneficial
  • Females often have lower insurance rates than males
  • Married drivers tend to pay less than those who are single
  • A driver who travels a lot usually has higher premiums

It is obvious that a customer may not have all of the above-listed criteria, but it is advisable to have a look and see what is and is not apparent when selecting the right quote for the right vehicle and driver.

Choose Body-Borneman today and get insight into some of the leading car insurance quotes in Pennsylvania.

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