Importance Of Construction Insurance

by Insurance 31 January 2022

construction insurance

As workplaces go, construction sites can be one of the most hazardous environments. With heavy machinery in operation and the regular requirement of potentially dangerous tools, it’s easy for accidents to occur. This is the reason construction insurance is as important as your life insurance.

That’s where construction insurance comes into play. Whether you’re a construction worker, contractor, developer, or project manager, knowing what insurance policies to invest in is key to getting the job done safely. 

What Is Construction Insurance? 

construction insurance

Construction insurance is the umbrella term for various protective policies that provide cover for a construction project. These can vary from liability insurance policies to third-party insurance.

Here are a few common parts of cover you may require:

1. Public liability insurance – this protects your business against public claims of injury or damaged property. Your health from other factors of the construction site like your equipment damages. All of getting covered by construction insurance.

2. Employers’ liability insurance – this insurance is compulsory in the UK and protects your business against workplace injury of an employee. You may be fined if you do not have this cover in place.

3. Contractors’ all-risk insurance – this construction insurance covers your business against claims on contract building works undertaken, often including third-party damage and injuries.

4. Professional indemnity insurance – Construction insurance protects your business against professional negligence claims. Your construction site supervisor may not want to pay you, but your construction insurance is there to stretch its hands during your challenging time.

5. Cyber liability insurance – this safeguards your business against data breaches or hacking of online accounts. 

3 Advantages Of Having The Construction Insurance

construction insurance

The construction site is full of dangers. This is why for every construction site there are separate rules for the workers. Most of the workers are wearing safety gear during work. But the accidents do not come up with prior notice. And one insurance can not guarantee your safety concern. But the advantage is there if any accident happened during the site works your insurance is going to cover up all the medical bills.

Here are three advantages of having construction insurance:

1. Injuries Cover

With so many people working within an already-risky environment, it’s extremely easy for accidents and injuries to happen. If this happens on the construction site, you may be liable to pay compensation. 

Having the correct construction insurance in place will protect you from these claims, helping you to cover the costs involved. After a single accident on the construction site, you will get all medical coverages.

2. Delays Cover

From delayed deliveries to staff illness to the ever-changing British weather, many things can push back the completion date of a construction project. Payout delays are common because when you are doing the work under the open air, the heat and storm can strike you at any time.

If claims are ever made against you or your business for the blame of the delay of the project, your insurance can shield you from the costs you may be liable to a construction insurance payout.

3. Cyber Liability Cover

With almost all project paperwork being stored online in this digital age, it’s vital for businesses to take out cyber liability construction insurance in the event of data leaks or breaches. 

According to recent government reports, 39% of UK businesses encountered cyber attacks or security breaches in the year up to March 2021. These incidents mainly targeted medium-to-large businesses, with three in five having identified attempted or successful cyber infiltration. 

Cyber liability cover will protect your business from loss of revenue due to online hackers, compromised data, and disclosure of any sensitive information that may be leaked if online accounts become compromised by cyber attacks.


Every construction insurance policy is essential. Before purchasing it, check the details. And know which types of injuries and other things are insured by the policy. These are precautions to avoid the mountain high hospital bill. So which one do you select?

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