How To Shop For A Car With Your Teen Driver?

by Automotive Published on: 10 October 2016 Last Updated on: 26 March 2019

Shop For A Car With Your Teen Driver

Buying a car for your teenager is almost a rite of passage in today’s world. You want them to be mobile without having to get stuck at the drop off lane every morning. If your eldest starts driving, they can even help out driving their younger siblings to dance recitals over the weekend or picking grandma from her home. In this article, we discuss useful tips you can use while shopping for a car.

How To Shop For A Car With Your Teen Driver:

1. Interior Features:

While most parents may think of a car as a machine that takes them from point A to B, your teen may disagree. They have probably researched and compared different models in the months leading up to acquiring a driving license. Remember shopping for a car is not your usual groceries shopping. Invite your teenager to tag along to the dealership.

If you ask them what features they desire in a car, quality of sound will roll off their tongue. If your budget is generous, compare models with high-tech features such as door speakers for bass. Your teen can hook up his iPod and test the quality of sound. If your child drives himself on the next family trip across the state, ensure the vehicle has car seat cushion for long journeys.

2. Crash Scores:

While the thought of a car wreck is agonizing, it is crucial to find out the crashing scores of the vehicle before buying. Look for reputable sources that give ratings of a vehicle’s ability to withstand impact upon crashing.

Remember, an accident can result from careless drivers on the road, so you want your child to be safe from front and side impact. The higher the crash scores, the higher the chances of walking away unscathed should this dreadful this occur.

3. Reliable Car:


Reliability in a car can make or break the user experience. When comparing different models online or at the dealership, find out the reliability statistics of the models you are considering. This information is easily found online through Consumer Reports released annually.

For instance, if your car engine knocks quite often, you will waste time in the morning trying to fix it or waiting for the mechanic. Calling a taxi or hitching a ride with neighbors is not the experience you want.

If a friend or family member drives a model that you are interested in, have a quick chat with them about their vehicle’s reliability. Hearing their experience is better than reading countless online reviews or hearing your car salesperson hype up a car only to earn a commission paycheck. If you like their take on the car, you can add that to the list of top five vehicles you may purchase.

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4. Inspect The Car:

Whether considering a new or used car, it is paramount that you check it thoroughly to ensure that all parts functional. Your car salesman will take you through detailed specifications of each car you are considering. Feel free to ask questions; your car dealer will gladly respond.

Inspect The CarBuying an old car is even trickier because car sellers tend to mask problems. When a car owner decides to sell their model, they are probably doing so to get rid of their tired model and purchase a better one.

Be careful not to fall for fraudulent car sellers who may fail to disclose problems they have encountered with their vehicle. Hire a professional mechanic to inspect the vehicle and give a performance report. If the used car needs some more work to function, you may want to abandon that deal and look elsewhere.

5. Car Insurance:

Car InsuranceBuying a sound car insurance policy is as important as selecting an excellent model of a car. Research different plans and ask for quotations from various companies. While saving money is important, you also want to buy the right insurance to avoid encountering losses in the future.

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The decision of what type of insurance policy to sign up for is largely dependent on you, the parent, as your teen may not have sufficient knowledge about insurance. If your insurance has proven its worth, sign up your teen for the same. You could even negotiate a good discount based on repeat business.


Take your time to shop for a model that works for both of you. For added comfort, invest in car seat cushion for long drives. If your budget is limited, consider buying an older model then upgrading with door speakers for bass.

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